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    Kinesis and Harkon's blade


    Me and some of my friends played an allmid game today and our kinesis became basically immortal after he rushed his mock of brilliance. His shield remained full no matter how much they threw at him. Later in the game its strenght tapered off as our enemies got more and more damage items. He decided to go harkons and expected it to recharge his shield with every attack (since it does magic damage), however this was NOT the case. After reading the tooltip, it is said the shield charges up from SPELL DAMAGE. Now it seems strange that mock is counted as spell damage, but harkons is not.

    TL;DR: Why does Harkons not replenish kinesis' shield while mock does?

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    Kinesis' shield pretty much gains strength from everything that is not autoattacks. In fact, barbed armor, which has damage type "returned," also strengthens his shield, so it's not just magic damage either. Since Harkon's uses autoattacks, it won't charge his shield though.

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    interesting mechanic. And barbed armor returns dmg done to the shield aswell? What a tanky hero LOL

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    "Spell Damage" does not equal "Magic Damage". It is misleading. This is why Harkon's does not work with his shield. For the sake of the game engine, supertype "spell" includes all damage that is not a result from attacking.

    This includes all his spells, active offensive items (codex, frostfield), active defensive items (barbed armor), and passive items (mock of brilliance).

    The only thing I am not certain of is Puzzlebox. I still need to test whether the nuke damage from the Puzzlebox minion adds to his shield.

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