Thread: Can a solo player queue vs a team of five?

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    Can a solo player queue vs a team of five?


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    Maybe team of 4 + random (you) vs team of 5
    Take a look to my hero Manavourer

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    Jamestown said that they won't allow 5 solos to queue up against a team of 5, ever.

    However as a solo player you can still get queued vs. a team of 5 in other combinations, but it's not likely.

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesTowN View Post
    We understand the desire for a true solo queue, but unfortunately have no plans at this current time to implement this. Solo players fill in the gap where other groups need them and pretty much keep the system running smoothly. That being said, 75% of all matches are 5 solo vs 5 solo so you still have a pretty good chance of getting into a solo match, but the teams of 4+1/2+2+1/3+1+1/2+1+1+1 need solo groups to function!

    If we did do this there would need to be major changes to the way we present matchmaking to players including removing game modes, not allowing certain group sizes and probably some other things as well. Any splitting of players in the matchmaking pool has the potential to make queue times too long which tends to make people not want to queue up anymore. I hope that answers some of your questions.

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