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    Make the website more community friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danvari View Post
    Double silver coins every weekend! This would be awesome especially with those expensive alt avatars.
    This would justify the 3k silver coin prices you keep slapping on the new alts.

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    4 Horsemen event for the legion side, new map
    vs s2 event, special avatar

    maybe even a shield above green, or every non limited item in the shop is unlocked for a weekend

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    Double points is the obvious one, give some packs of stuff like alt avatars or for f2p players hero packs like a support, carry or hero style packs and have them at good prices. Oh and you can lump an announcer in those packs too like the cpk announcer since it sucks anyway you can give it for free.

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    I wanna see bots and pandamoniom's brother

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    2. The ability to organize and join tournaments inside the game. I don't have the numbers but it's not a lot of people visiting the forums compared to people visiting ingame. A system to set up some kind of pricepool ingame would be awesome too.

    3. Rewards for being on top of the MMR ladder. Rewards like a unique color, title, icon, alt avatar something. Maybe rewards for hitting 1600/1700/1800 etc? Think it makes people smurf less and want to win more. Less trolling etc.

    4. Team based rating (A team of 5 shares the same rating).

    5. New and more tutorials ingame!

    5. Hontour ^__^

    6. Manacost on abilities like in dota2

    7. Betting with silver (maybe gold?) coins, something like COD has.

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    Achievements, party hats.

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    - Some insights posts about hero development (basic idea, some interviews, some videos going through the office showing stuff etc.)
    - Some kind of lottery. A normal one with silver coins and a golden one which price is some rare icon or something like that. You could make requirements for joining those lottery. Like referring some friends to the game, mentoring games of those new reffered one (reffering yourself is easy, playing with yourself not ... well, yeah ... I won´t accept comments on this one), etc.
    - New words on HoN 3.0. You´ve been a bit quiet about this one. Instead just posting new screenshots, you could make some riddles about it (maybe some stuff of the HoN lore). Winner could get a few coins or alt avatars.
    - You could hold an IRC Q&A again. Like the one in the past.

    I´ll think of more

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    Hero contest rather than a "dream hero pickup" would be great. And since it's the second anniversary, maybe two of them?

    Unlocking all store items for one week.

    Boni for players that join during this time (ie, 1 hero for free after completing X TMM matches).

    Coins for public games (fixed number instead of statbased to prevent abusing).

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    More awesome themed music, the christmas music was amazing! More silvers drops, maybe gold earning for awhile. Also the ability to try out Alt avatars in a game before you buy them. e.g. u get 3 games where u can choose to try out a alt avatar a week. or maybe less, up to you.

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    - Better silvercoin gain or cheaper avatars, now it's just imbalanced (take a look at LoL).
    - Custom maps (custom modes?)
    - New items
    -- New types of items (Again, take a look at LoL with its unique item bonusses)

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    Custom maps playable on Multiplayer Custom Games. Nothing else.
    Want to check every post on the forum from the S2 Staff ?

    KongTracker is what you need

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    Here is a suggestion, not sure if you guys will even read this...

    Make a special avatar for the anniversary occaision.
    Every year there is a hon anniversary, make a special avatar you could only get that year; as with the raptor voodoo, give it away who pariticipate in the anniversary festivities.

    I hate asking for "Free" things such as this, since i honestly think you guys do give away quite a bit of stuff tbh...but it is after all an anniversary celebration.

    The avatar should have past refrences to old hon history. Whether those references are by the vocal lines or the avatar looks.

    Such as if it was an electrician alt: I pulled the plug and ddosd S2!

    or something like that

    Or zephyr "remember when I could leap like valkyrie?!!"

    Lines like that:P Enjoy

    Ty btw in advance! I have been here since closed beta as you can see by my gold shield, i love this game!

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    custom map editor

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    - All Mid Map
    - Bots
    - Lan Support
    - Ability to host games/maps/stuff client side (Custom heroes/maps people designed are getting cobwebs)
    - Moraxus Alt Avatar ...
    - Better Silver Coin Prices
    - Some stuff in the Misc. Tier1 Suggestions
    [ Great example such as: ]
    - All Mid Map
    - Hero Contests
    - Little Trinkets you can add to your hero such as these (Maybe unlockable through hero playing or if you want you can buy them)
    [ ]

    IDK what else for now.
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    You expected me to say something like "You're gonna have a bad time", didn't you?
    Well, hate to break it to you, but you don't deserve it.

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    I want soon to be NOW, so that everything you've promised to be coming out soon would actually be out...

    Hon3.0 and Hontour.........................

    oh and a change on these forums so that I don't have to login like 2000000000000x times to make one post. One of the reasons why I practically never post on these yet look at them a lot. It's just so annoying having to do that

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    -that promised midwars map
    -new MM map for 4v4 (wonder if it will get some love, we have grimm's but its not that popular)
    -and ofc. cheaper alt avatars and/or increased silver coin rewards. those are pretty useless now

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    Party devo limited honiversary alt!!!

    Rot is confetti
    the hook is one of those blower things that retract and make sound.
    And new devour animation

    make it happen
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    The ability to host and join customs maps!

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    The return of the OLD KRAKEN ULT in a new HERO

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