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    Balanced the too imba heroes.. I mean nowadays S2 keep releasing an imba hero that's really unfair for those who doesn't have coins to afford buying them. Such as salforis, emerald, ra, tuluphant, and so on and so on. Though I can't deny that I enjoy using this hero too, i just cant accept them
    Double, or triple, or quadruple coins every month... You've made alt-avatars very very expensive for silver coins, so why don't hold an event where silver coins would be a bit easier to achieve
    Ward of Sight's range of sight could be seen. Just as the Ward of Revelation can now be seen, let's make it too for the Ward of Sight
    Open all hero pool just for the Honiversary day
    Give sales for heroes on both silver and gold coins.. no matter how small it is, it helps

    If you could really implement this, especially the silver-coins sales or bonus coins, damn i would really appreciate it

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    Bring back a really good quality stat tracking website like Maide used to have up.

    That is the only thing I require.

    And to all the people asking for more coins because they want to buy more stuff. The silver coins are set and priced so you can't get everything in a month worth of play. They said this at the inception of the shop and have been true to their word. It's always nice to have lost of stuff, but I feel much more accomplished when I can go to the store and drop a ton of silver coins on an item I've been wanting for ages. It would be boring and stale if everyone had all the items in the store, why even bother having a store?

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    Unlock all matchmaking modes for all verified players. Forcing F2P accounts to play AP unless they wanna play a subscription-based game is bad for the game in the long run. Eventually Legacy players are gonna be replaced by a majority of F2P accounts and every other mode is gonna die out.

    I don't care how you do it just do. Let them so have the chance to random the whole hero pool in AR and SD, and/or fix BP/BD by increasing the number of weekly heroes by 5, 10 or more (also as a response to the growing hero pool).

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    hey hows it going forum readers and S2

    here's are some of my.....

    General Ideas for the event:

    - Free exclusive (A HoN 2 Remember) Taunt for logging in on the day and playing a

    (Possibly dropping a birthday cake with hon logo and number 2 with a flame / wick and the flame going out - or a birthday present with a green box and gold trim could be dropped at the taunted players feet and it could explode?)

    - Free Limited edition (A HoN 2 Remember) color for logging in on the day and winning a match?

    - Make it so that player account's MMR Levels in hon actually Reward you with free stuff at different levels once that level is achieved, which will give something for the player to play for other than coins?

    - F2p Heroes normal hereos now Free for F2p Accounts or are unlocked via games played / level achieved

    - Legacy And Beta accounts get Bonuses for loyalty?

    - 2 x New (A HoN 2 Remember) Heroes / Alt Avatars

    - 2 x Double Gold Coin Purchase (all week)

    - 2 x Silver Coin win + 20 gold coins per game for that day or
    2 per game for that week

    - 2 x New Map Skin / Themes


    - 2 x New Items for the game?

    - 2 x free items from hon shop inc limit of 1 x announcer / 1 x taunt or 2 x alt's

    - Leprechaun Blacksmith & Sachi Swiftblade available again? or even all limited edition and gold avatars available for the week!
    (good money maker for you guys)

    Stuff could do for the game which would make it a little better and some random stuffs

    - Make some new heroes that have some relation to existing heroes for example
    (Another Samurai like swift, character same race as cronos, Andromeda, slither etc
    and possibly introducing some of the new characters as siblings for instance Maliken
    could have a twin brother called STALKLAND and he could have like the meaaaanest moves bru!

    - Game option (ONLY MID) needs to be added to the game (so creeps only spawn mid and only mid towers can be attacked etc.

    - Character Selection timer in Normal mode needs to be increased by one minute once someone dc's (to give that player time to reload hon and join the game)

    - Make Alt Avatars for Characters who don't have one before giving others more?

    - Work on the hon cue so it automatically puts you back in if someone leaves?

    - Character Customization, Voice selection, Different colors, Different color abilities ?

    - Balance some of the heroes

    - Option for full screen in Windowed Mode so the window can be minimized / maximized

    - New Rune (Immunity) makes you invulnerable to anything for half of the duration of the normal runes

    New Game Mode Idea

    for people who like to play a more fast paced game that will keep them on the edge of their seats and will be over quick

    Called: Extricate

    - Players only have one life (Hp Doubled)

    - Only One lane on the map (Mid) (surrounded with jungle of course )

    - Player's do not respawn (1 life) (unless they receive Aegis)

    - Team Creeps are Invulnerable (extra team creeps or creep strength increased once opposing team member dies) or (towers cannot be touched by heroes only by opposing team creeps, one wave of creeps spawn when someone dies, creeps are invulnerable and never die as tower's do not attack creeps)
    Though 1st wave of creeps attack slow, slowly eating away at the tower, and the game becomes a time race!

    - Players Can choose to sacrifice them self's to a team mate, giving the team mate 1 life / respawn????

    - 4 team death's "in 5v5 situation" = Mega Creeps (which forces last team member out to fight asap or forfeit the game)

    - Players could start out at level 15 or high level

    - New Forest Creeps could be introduced to accompany this?

    - Forest creeps respawn every minute, even when a creep is dead

    - Their are 2 kong's (which could lead to a race between who gets both aegis to get the upper hand and possibly the win) or (Kong and kong's brother could possibly Destroy one of the opposing team members tower once one of the kong's has been killed etc

    Thanks for reading guys much appreciated!


    Rumor has it that Maliken has a Twin brother called Stalkland and he's coming to HON!!!!! ZOM-G!
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    would like to have sent more gifts for legacy players, because already some time ago that the legacy does not gain anything

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    Allow us to buy gold coins with silver coins once a week?

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    All i want is a staff vs community event again. we all get silver coins and stuff for every win. and a cool alt avatar maybe? but make the event last longer and play more games for more chances to find you guys :P
    How can HoN get more players back? Finish the Map editor and include a similar system to StarCraft 2 Custom maps.

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    Would love to see Dream become a more integral part of the game design process and more publicly accessable/viewable, perhaps integration with the forums or client?

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    1.Map editor,then hold a ffa map contest!And make it official.
    the community is mainly made of individuals,who hate noobs and will happily enjoy a ffa map trying to bash everyone and not relying on sloppy teammates.!
    2.Balance- there are mainly bad players not unbalanced heroes
    3.Make it so you can buy the game again!or make a mm system that will allow me to play with people that have all the heroes.
    4.Make account level Actually matter.Maybe unlock like 2-3 achievements at each levels->get some silver if achieved.
    5.LOWER taunt cooldown pretty please please please .

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    It would rock if you could improve the graphics or textures. Compared to Dota2, HoN is really late in this term, but I know that it can be even better.
    U improved the game when adding the new trees, now its time for new buildings, neutrals, hero-model-redesign, etc.

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    Custom map integration.

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    edit: double post.

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    A new map with 6v6 would be cool =)

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    Dear Maliken and dear S2 fairies,

    This year, I have been a very
    pretty well-behaved HoNer. I have not KS'd my carry, and I have often helped my supports with the ward duty. And I always say GL HF, which makes me nice and so I deserve lots of presents this year!

    Please bring all this stuff for me and the people in my life: For my carry, please bring new DPS items. For my supports, please bring a new range indicator feature on wards of sights. Oh – and for my little courrier, please bring some new skins. Now about me! Please bring me everything from my wish list (that you will find at the end of this post)!

    Anyway, I hope you like the involvement I put in HoN.


    PS: Please say Happy HoN-iversary to Buro~ and Nigma.

    #1 promote Buro~ to Lead designer position
    (no offense to other designers, I just <3 Buro~)

    #2 => custom maps <=

    #3 Bring back Kraken's old ulti on a new hero with skills more designed to suit such an ulti
    (© Nigma; <3 him too)

    #4 FULL SotM Rework
    (which heroes would benefit from it and how)

    #5 get rid of the annoying glue that randomly sticks heroes on buildings
    (despite the fact you don't admit it is there)

    #6 LAN

    #7 Add more invisible item slots on heroes or copy the code of that other MOBA...
    (getting rid of outdated mechanism and making courrier use easier)

    #8 Vindicator RE-rework
    (pretty please)

    #9 reduce the silver price of nickname change
    (I mean seriously this could be free!)

    #10 Bring back the original funny sounds when picking heroes
    (gauntlet music and so on)

    #11 Random Draft
    (basically BD without bans)

    #12 Captain Mode
    (basically BP but pink/blue pick for their teams)
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    Quote Originally Posted by [COLOR=Orange]ffy[/COLOR]
    no. what we need is :
    Gieb a new hero with Kraken's old ultimate mechanism!

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    Just don't change graphic settings for the higher. Actually is pretty beautifull for eyes, so please, don't make the changes about it.

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    Cheaper Alt Avatars (silver coins) They don't have to be extremely cheap but right now it takes about 3 months just to get one cool looking one!

    And maybe a new 5v5 map! Although that would probably take a lot of time to make.

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    Armadon removed from the game and I will play it.

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    Cheaper alt's which we can get with silver and more silver gain forever

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    custom maps
    funny sounds when picking heroes

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    1. MM coin gain system. At least to Lose: 20-30coins, win: 50+ coins.
    At the current rate you can barely get 100 a day, + all those 3000 silver coins, you have to play soo many matches just to get it. And it gets boring so i All mid in pubs which gives me no coins at all.

    2.New Advanced Options for pub games , For all mid .
    Hardcore Regen mode or something similar to WTF mode .

    3. Account Level System Bonus, A little more then just some coins. Coin system bad so leveling up in HON doesnt even matter.

    4. Spectate And Mentor be able to move camera

    -2/3/4/5x Silv coin event
    -More than 15 free heroes for F2P
    -Sub Acc Sale?

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