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    I think that you guys need to design some really good alt-avatars and announcers (along with some account badges) that are only avail to the mentor program.

    Revamp the mentor program a couple ways to make it more exciting (like if a 1500 player helps a 1400 player (lvl +5) they recieve a platinum coin and those are used to buy the new stuff.

    I think the Mentor program was an incredible idea and should continue on after the HoN-iversary.

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    Honestly, the only change I'd like to see is bringing back the original Behemoth's Heart passives that had different effects based upon your primary attribute. And MAYBE bringing back the original Keeper of the Forest. I like my tree-dogs, but I miss original keeper.

    And the new idea- Change Staff of the Master by adding a combined item the staff with a Blessed Orb to give you some giant Beatstick of the Master, and it would give the old Behemoth's Heart passives.
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    A better spectater mode would be cool. Like watching every game not just from friends.
    (+ more than 1 spectator per player)

    Free cam mode but with x minute delay.

    and jump back and for back and forth like a replay.

    They have the better spectate mode now:
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    1 Simple Answer, CUSTOM MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Custom Maps.
    I am in full support of this petition for Map Editor to be fully integrated into game, that the map editor, along with the user edited maps which is custom maps, to be fully integrated into the Heroes of Newerth game!

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    1.i want cheaper avatars(400-600 silver)of armadon,predatro,maliken and lord salforis.
    2.a new system that allow you to upgrade towers,rebuild barracks and make barracks attack.This will cost about 10000 but you will can pay it with your team.
    3.double coins.
    4.4v4 map in match making.
    5.a contest of a new hero that all member on hon will sent informations of the skills of the new hero(no image).the winner will take the new hero free.
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    (1) Improve/build on the mentor/spectate system.
    - Enable you to see what you are typing when mentoring.
    - Make pressing enter automatically default to mentor chat.
    - Enable control of the camera in spectator mode.
    - Any other improvisations.

    (2) More community involvement with creation of heroes/more dream heroes(Polls/contests on theme of potential hero, followed by role, and etc).
    - Hero Drafts/Suggestions forums included.

    (3) New game mode(s)
    - Capture the Flag
    - King of the Hill
    - Tag
    - Deathmatch

    (4) Some kind of reduction on premium avatars. 3,000 silver coins will never be mustered up realistically.

    (5) Make the Lore more involved in the game somehow (Jogu's "Lore Mode" on pg 32 is a nice example).

    (6) Global sounding Smackdowns(

    (7) Must...have...Golden...Pebbles....

    (8) Some sort of recognition/reward for beta/legacy players.

    (9) Fix website replay/player ladder sections.

    (10) New items, and balancing/rework of items(Sac stone, elder parasite, etc).
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