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    Perhaps new music in the lobbies similar to what it was in the christmas event. Loved that jazz music

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    Know how we get TB Panda Behe on the legion, Succy Pupper Devo on the hellbourne? Either highlight a new random set or rig it to start showing new heroes, eg blitz dragon and kinesis as the newest legion, etc. In slighy higher res, which iirc you lower their res to a certain standard to speed up games or such.

    Double coins are assumed, community vs S2 assumed.

    Commemoration symbol/icon/alt would be cool.

    Being able to release the mid only map by then would be incredible, as well.

    Make a new community hero contest, and set a standard for regular hero contests. Bi-monthly perhaps.

    The release of new items during the patch would not be amiss~

    Fly Drasha over to S2 to design heroes with you, and give credit to me for it.

    Infact, gimme lots of gold coins for that amazing idea.

    Clean up dreams bugs, make a hall of fame for heroes that make it in so they dont clog up the top spots.

    Allow foreigners to petition to be able to connect to HoN NA if they can verify having friends/clanmates in NA/EU.
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    My only HoN-iversary wish:

    A promise from S2 that their changes to the server structure will never prevent me from playing with my clanmates and friends that are in Latin America (I'm in the US currently).
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    I don't have your data so I can't say this with certainty, but!

    It seems the 50% bonus gold event went really well for you. Do you think you could make a 10$ package that gives enough gold for 2 EA heroes (so, what, 700?) and a symbol that that says "2 Years of Support!" (with a picture of a ward or glacius/nymph/etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drognok View Post
    I don't have your data so I can't say this with certainty, but!

    It seems the 50% bonus gold event went really well for you. Do you think you could make a 10$ package that gives enough gold for 2 EA heroes (so, what, 700?) and a symbol that that says "2 Years of Support!" (with a picture of a ward or glacius/nymph/etc).
    Give this man a medal!

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    Start supporting smaller tournaments a lot more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodTzimisce View Post
    Well I was and two friends on MM and other aviation 3 friends on the other team ... he guesses all cartoons of the rampage and still warns his team who the hell in charge, and when you buy in the blink he uses PK fog giving stun allyados mine

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    Mid Wars.
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    Succubus has tits.

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    Here are some things I would love to see in HoN:

    Another S2 vs Community event, for sure. You should bring more known staff members even if they aren't that good at HoN like Maliken, SoundWizard, etc.

    Make a betting system with Silver or Gold coins during the S2 vs Community Event.

    More bundles. The store is kind of lacking them.

    Matchmaking bonuses, like x2 or x3 coins, experience, or a chance to win something every time you play matchmaking. Like one player of the 10 every game will win a small gold package or an avatar, symbol (of the hero they played), etc. Something small, but fun.

    A couple of new items would be nice. Grave Locket, Energizer, Genjuro, Astrolabe remake, etc. were GREAT and I'm waiting for more. My idea is an item that works like Empath's wall. Somewhat expensive, decent mana cost, and long cooldown. I don't think it should do damage but it would be a good ganking tool and another good support survivability item (next to tablet). I also think it should give a good chunk of strength and some intelligence so mostly supports will be getting the item. I would also like to see an item with Spell Vamp so that heroes like Pyromancer, Parasite, Electrician, etc. can have a good suvivability item. Rhapsody is probably one of the worst heroes you could put it on aside from Pandamonium.

    Another idea I have would be another item like Puzzlebox, but the minions you spawn are a little different. Maybe make them better in teamfights? Maybe give them tons of good aura buffs with passive attack modifiers (because everybody hates microing in HoN). Puzzlebox is currently one of the strongest items in the game if utilized correctly and another item that's similar to it would be badass.

    Sacrificial Stone rework. I love the item idea, but it's incredibly useless in the situation it is in at the moment.

    New hero, of course. Preferably a great initiator. One that will make it to the competitive scene. Flux kinda did it but he still needed someone else to really make him shine. By himself, he was somewhat bad as an initiator. Make one that can compete with Behemoth, Magmus, Tempest, and Kraken.

    Or you could have a voting system where the community votes on what type of role he should be the first week, what attribute and range the next week, his first three spells the next week, his ultimate on the last week, and throughout the entire thing, people can vote on his name.

    MidWars Map. It's insane how popular it is now. Make sure it has some sort of banning system included for guys like Flint Beastwood, Armadon (5 Armadons are retarded), Vindicator (not as powerful as before but still powerful in MidWars), Artesia (her ult is stupidly powerful with 4 other Artesias), etc.

    That's all I can think of right now. I hope S2 can impletment at least some of these for HoN-iversary

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    Half-price gold coins.

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    Being able to buy a single item from the shop for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sye View Post
    Gold coin matchmaking for a few days
    x2 Silver coins
    A 10$ package that gives Verified accounts Legacy status
    Custom maps.
    More info about HoN 3.0
    S2 vs Community event
    Event Symbol

    Thank You.

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    hopefully if there's an event, it's going to be before 15th of may :S

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    double silver coins on weekends permanently to compensate for high alt avatar prices.. Dats all i ask

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    1) Release the mid-wars map

    2)Release a hero or item design that was made by the community

    3)Coin sales out the yin-yang and some silver discounts would be nice

    4)Community events (like that S2 vs the community thing)

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    Ooo ooo, I have another HoN-iversary wish:
    -If and/or when they break US/Canada from Latin America, I'd love to see the statistics on how many clans/friend lists are affected by the segregation.
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    4x silver coin weekend

    75% off silverprices in the store for everything.

    Birthday themed hero and alt avatar given out for free.

    Winable goldcoins from matchmaking.

    New ingame Music. I love the one we currently have, but it gets repetetive. Maybe you could make a playlist so anybody could select the tracks he wants to have.

    And start Hontour. Invest in competetive scene... PLS!!!

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    Achievements and Hero Balance Patch.
    The only things I want in HoN

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    1. S2 Staff vs Community event

    2. Free HoNiversary alt avatar + account icon

    3. Release all mid map

    4. GOLD coin matchmaking week

    5. Sale on silver coin prices (and gold if you dont do gold coin matchmaking)

    6. New alt avatar contest

    7. Release more details on the progress of HoNtour

    8. Give a free hero to those non-legacy player, they need love too
    (Note: I'm a legacy player)


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