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    Custom maps

    There has been some good suggestions to how it would work, like having them available only on no-stats and make them get approved by S2 to make them official.
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    return of legenday valk and sachi swift!

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    Something for the many lvls that I got for playing hours and hours, that would make me very happy.

    EDIT: OH AND DOCTOR ALT PLEASSSSEEEE?!?!?!!? <3 i miss that for like... a... lot but i really want him ='[
    s2 Engineer.

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    -My dream/hero drafts heroes ported.
    -A CGI trailer, that will make you millions (see LoL's Dota2's)
    -Reward forums posters that dedicate their time to make YOUR game better
    -2x Silvers
    -2x Golds
    -Let us update the loading screen tips (I tried to suggest one, but our community manager only looks at tier 1 I believe)
    -Have us be rewarded for bringing in new players
    -Balphagore Avatar
    -Have the Fan Media Section make new art for the game.
    -Have the spotlights have a proper thumbnail to be more professional (Like Lol's/Dota2's)
    -Spotlights in Spanish (Voiced by me)
    -Update the models on the original heroes
    -Have the interface be upgraded into an avatar 3d world, where we move in Newerth, have our own clan castle. (see my suggestion) More revenue from buying avatars etc
    -Have HoNBlog stickied in the gd forum (love that site)
    My goal is for at least one of my heroes to be ported into HoN! Help my cause and get S2 to see these!
    Check out "IsmaelVera's Vault of Heroes" in the Hero Drafts section!
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    Revert the abilities of old heroes into the game for like a week or so. Like engineers turret, krakens ult, keepers old form, vindis old form, etc etc.

    Why? Because then we can remember back in the old days of HoN, which is pretty basic for a anniversary. Just dont do it like blizzard did with the wow customers, where you got 10% xp boost for 2 weeks.
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    I got s feeling that mods in this thread had best ideas. I support them 110%.

    Lately, I played some LoL games with my friends, and I got the feeling that farming 6300 "coins" is faster than 3000 in hon. On the other hand, 6300 was a price for hero, not for a skin.
    Also, riot gave me some "gold" coins(riot points or whatever its called) just for playing, for getting player lvl or smth.

    Maybe give goldcoins every time someone lvls up? Would be cool.

    Aslo, free premium avatar for everyone?

    EDIT: IsmaelVera CGI intro-good idea. Lots of CGI boobs and lazers=>new players and more fanboys.

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    The ability to thumb up Grimm's Crossing & Forests of Caldavar simultaneously in the matchmaking queue.

    A way to sort items in the shop by their silver coin cost.

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    support smaller tournaments already

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    How about one free avatar? Might be asking a bit too much.


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    - 1 free alt avatar for legacy players, for f2p players 1 free hero (non ea)
    - Double Silver Coin matchmaking
    - Everything in shop off for 50% gold and silver prices
    - S2 vs Community event
    - 100 Gold Coin giveaway

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    ****ing hontour.

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    try to implement more graphics .... u guys can do much better then now !!!
    Try to rich out the silver gain. U guys ask for a alt avatar 2500 silver coins !! so u imagine i have to play nonstop liek 1 week to buy that alt avatar. So u lower the silver on alt avatars or u will increase the silver income amount.

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    - Do for only one day.. instead of earning silver coins. You earn gold coins!

    - All avatars on sale!

    - When a game starts youll see scout run across your screen.

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    A new map with a new mode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megabever View Post
    + 20.000.000

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    -2x Silvers
    -2x Golds
    -1x free golden collection or EA avatar
    -that weeks ea hero released free for all legacy players
    i dont know if i ask too much but this wht i ask

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    Hon Tour

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    As I was way too late to edit my other one because of forum issues.
    Here are my former details on what I would like to see.

    Be able to play each of the four seasons on the caldavar map.


    The maps should be decorated as the four seasons are, Example (Winter should be winter obviously with snow on the ground and snow coming down).
    While summer should have, perhaps the normal caldavar map as it is right now but with sunspots?

    Just being able to pick whatever theme you want on the maps. Like you're able to choose theme with weather in-game /weather.'
    Also, being able to change the color of the water ingame aswell.

    Small themes that makes the game the availability for players to customize their player a tad bit more.
    Might get interesting.

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    permanent reduce silver coins cost for alt avatar or permanent increase silver coins boost, like seriously..

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