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    Only option now is Dota 2...
    Really s2games?? Why??
    If u want people to leave hon, you are doing it right.

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    Just another company using a xenophobic decision. Am I in 2012?
    Some Americans still think Brazilians are from Blanka (Spanish word for branco in Brazilian portuguese) country.
    DOTA 2 its winning another one, they got a latin america server without separate latino americans from "US/EU".
    Bad decision (the last one was the early access).

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    Good bye hon

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    They wanna grow this? Really?
    Bad decision, bad move..
    Mercenaries who do not think the whole community.


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    WRONG, you are all looking at this from the wrong perspective.

    STOP saying let the latin america people choose, then you are giving no one else the option. GIVE US ALL THE OPTION.

    Let us pick which regions are in our queue. so then, if you are in latin america you can choose to queue with americans who choose to also play with latin americans. Then if we don't want to queue with latin americans, we don't have to, but if we want to, we can.

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    Completely disagree with region locking.

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    Goodbye HoN.

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    About HoN and the named future

    I play a lot of games, but i keep coming back to HoN. I must say i never had a game as HoN. Its so fantastic that im contant trilled with it. But to know about this ip block is just sad.

    I cant belive im thinking to stop playing the game after so much time and investment. Really sad and im sorry to let this all out here.

    You guys from S2 made i huge step to make this game international. Going ip block is just going backwards.

    And my deep regards to the falling community

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    Yes S2! Server in korea are needed badly and farewell brazillians!

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    Quote Originally Posted by borges132 View Post
    No Latin americans are happy from this, just people with bad experiences with Latin Americans.
    You must be talking about 90% of the HoN community?

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    Worst idea ever. I want to stay in North American servers because I don't play with local players. The region lock feature should be optional for those who decide to xfer their accounts.
    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." - Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanderK View Post
    Well this was answered earlier in the thread but personally, I'd be optimistic.

    As some of the other posters have brought up, there's a ton of positives, which are listed in the OP. Localized support, more marketing in the area and better servers all mean a better experience for you as a player. Remember that these are all things that can be addressed in the betas and beyond. It's common practice to add more servers as the region grows in order to better support the player base.

    As far as languages go, the OP states that the client will be available in Spanish, Portuguese AND English for those who want to use it. Add in the potential for a much larger player base (like what happened in SEA) and thus faster queue times and a strong local competitive scene too!
    I think you don't get the point of his comment.

    80% of the times I don't play with Latin Americans and I've paid a lot of cash in this game to just get IP Blocked by you when I WON'T enjoy my time in there, I'd rather have a delay that I'm used to and play with North Americans than be forced to play with a lot of people who barely understands the game and that are not my friends. That's why I have a NA' SC2 copy and I play in NA servers in WoW, since most of my friends are there.

    I understand there are people who can't write anything in english and probably should play there since the game will be in their language (and probably those will be the first ones to move out anyway).

    I believe this should be optional, make us choose if we want to leave or stay. Heck, I don't know what will happen to my clan as well, considering I'm the leader.
    "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." - Albert Einstein

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    Been waiting for this for years. >|

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    Seerversss should beee optionaaalll!!!!

    the only ones who are happy are the one who hate latin american people..... and the rest is just mad cuz you are breaking the whole point of online gaming...which is playing with other people in the world.... yes , some of us don't speak english...but I DO!!, imma go ahead and just suggest what have already been suggested......


    So then non-english speakers can play in la servers , and the rest of us can chose whether play or not in na/eu servers.....the answer of that uncertainty is responded by the fact i did this post for a reason..... come on s2...PLZ......... COOMEEE OONNN!!!

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    I dont see the point on trying to increase the competitive gaming on HoN when you lock regions. Specially when all the top teams are from EU and NA.

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    OMG!! S2 I LOVE YOU!! Well BRs I can't say it was an honor playing with yall... Have fun playing with your own people speaking your language...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KlausPactus View Post
    "players in Latin America and Korea will no longer be able to play HoN on North American/European Union Servers. " that is almost like censure, i have a lot of friends on these regions and i do not want to stop playing with them, i really disapprove this measure... if someone from S2 Staff could awnser that please
    Exactly, it's been so fun playing wid u , kalte and some more br friends of mine. It just isn't fair segregating u guys frm us. LA servers are fine but IP blocks makes no sense. U've got to listen S2..

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    Looool a big looool

    rly gms?

    I bought the game in beta.

    I spend a lot money and time (2300 matchs) for this

    if u are smart. Dont do it ip block rofl

    yes caps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesis10549 View Post
    Exactly, it's been so fun playing wid u , kalte and some more br friends of mine. It just isn't fair segregating u guys frm us. LA servers are fine but IP blocks makes no sense. U've got to listen S2..
    It's not fair to us, no, but IP locks make perfect sense.
    This is a business decision, even though they are trying to phrase it as a customer satisfaction issue. All rights for advertising, customer support, and server hosting are being handed off to 3rd parties. An IP lock is, unfortunately, the only way to make this decision. Companies that host servers and pay for advertising should receive whatever income is due to them via store transactions.

    They have to make sure that people in the new regions have their purchases go towards the company responsible for maintaining servers/advertising. Their playerbase will probably grow as a result, because S2 has not really marketed in these areas yet. The handful of disgruntled customers they lose is far outweighed by the people they will bring in from these other companies who actually market their game.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tatarsis View Post
    Look im Peruvian and i play this game cause i have a chance to play against/with some of my favorite players like: Moonmeander,Testie, Tralf (now its a *****), HillyBilly, etc ... soo S2 developers with all do respect you can suck my dick
    The problem aren't the developers. This was decided by higher members of S2, ofc Maliken had its part on this decision.

    The BIGGEST problem right now is that S2 doesn't give a CRAP about its community opinion. Instead of consulting us, fellow players who MAINTAIN THIS GAME SPENDING MONEY, they do what they think it's right.

    The contract has probably been signed already, so there's no coming back.

    I sincerely hope this fails, and makes S2 lose money. I even want S2 to be ruined, everyone to get fired and the company closes.

    Bad management.

    Judging from S2's actions, it looks like they are living in the 90's, where everything was centralized.

    WAKE UP, internet now is made by users, not companies. Search for "Metropolis Model" and you shall see what I'm talking about.

    If you asked for the community opinion on this, and alt avatars, and HoN future steps you would be making us all happy, and money WOULD BE A CONSEQUENCE.

    But right now money comes first, you do what you think will bring more money, despite the community's opinion, and this makes a lot of players quit. So instead of making the community grow because you listen to them, you are forcing a different kind of "grow" and at the same time shattering the community to pieces and make part of it quit.

    Just rot in hell, you and your bad decision taking.

    BTW: I'm Brazilian, and in all my games, I've never been called BR. I make english mistakes, but I can type better than a lot of ppl who live in USA.
    Quote Originally Posted by Akavir
    I undoubtedly believe you are making the wrong choice. Blizzard, Valve, and most other big companies allow the players to gain the "benefits" of local servers and localized service but that is an optional choice. Because it is only reasonable to believe that in today's globalized society people have friends from all over the world who enjoy playing online games together, so "locking" regions should be something that's completely out of the question.
    Didn't like the Latin America servers (which will be located at Miami, herp derp) idea? Stop spending money on HoN, unlike the HoN page at Facebook and don't bring anymore friends to this game.

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