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    The Newerth Art Contest *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*

    UPDATE: Winners have been announced!

    *Art Contest Winners have all officially been contacted via forum pm for prize distribution. Art Contest winners should check their forum inbox and contact Zero_MnotW via PM for further assistance.

    The 2nd Annual HoN-iversary is almost upon us and we want your help in commemorating it with an art contest to rule all art contests. Its a 4 week long user-generated content contest powered by the HoN community and we're calling it the Newerth HoN-iversary Art Contest. We want to see our beloved community create some of the best HoN art we've ever seen across five distinct categories -- Video, Art, Short Fiction, Music, and Cosplay.

    Five Category Breakdown:
    Keep in mind that we're trying to focus on these five categories of HoN-based art and there will be some carry-over between each category. Use these guidelines to help spark your imaginations and get your creative juices flowing.

    Including, but not limited to gameplay, machinima, live action short films, music videos, etc. (Users must own the rights to all included content). Please keep this under 10 minutes in length.
    Video Submissions Here

    Art: Including concept art, graphic design, sculpture, desktop wallpapers, etc.
    Your submissions should be in some way related to the 2nd HoN-iversary Celebration!
    Attach in .jpg / .png
    Art Submissions Here

    Short Fiction: A short story and/or comic using Heroes of Newerth characters and/or gameplay as the focus. Keep short stories under 2,000 words and comics under 10 pages in length.
    Short Fiction Submissions Here

    Music: Including , but not limited to any form of soundtrack or user-created HoN-themed audio. All submissions should be under 5 minutes in length.
    Music Submissions Here

    Cosplay: Any costume or live action representation of specific HoN characters. Individual submissions are encouraged -- only one prize will be given to a winning account. Pictures or Videos are preferred. Cosplay Videos should be under 5 minutes in length.
    Cosplay Submissions Here

    How To Enter:
    To enter, simply post a thread showing us your work in one of the corresponding threads above. Each thread counts as a single entry into the contest and will be hidden from the public similarly to XanderK's Ask S2Games section.
    You can still view and edit you submissions as many times as you want until the submission deadline, so feel free to fine tune your submissions.

    The contest ends on April 27, 2012 at 11:59 pm EDT. Any submission made outside the deadline will not be accepted or judged as a part of the contest.

    Once the winners have been announced, our video production team will create a Newerth Art Contest Wrap-up video featuring our favorite highlights from the contest.

    One Grand Prize winner and four runners-up will be selected from each category
    Grand Prize Winners Receive:
    • A Limited Edition 2nd HoN-iversary Collector's box containing unlock codes for all 6 Gold Collection Alt Avatars,
    • 10,000 Gold Goblin Coins
    • A HoN swag bag containing t-shirts, posters, a water bottle, and stickers
    • A feature in our 2nd HoN-iversary Newerth Art Contest Video posted on the official S2 Games Youtube Channel

    Runner-Up Prize Winners Receive:
    • A Limited Edition 2nd HoN-iversary Collector's box containing unlock codes for all 6 Gold Collection Alt Avatars
    • A feature in our 2nd HoN-iversary Promotional Video posted on the official S2 Games YouTube Channel

    Here's some teaser photos of the Collector's boxes! Check out more teasers on the HoN Facebook, HoN Twitter and xanderK's Twitter!

    Contest Rules:
    • Each user may only submit one entry of their own work to the contest per category for a maximum of five entries into the contest.
    • Winners of this contest will be contacted via the email attached to their HoN account and announced publically on May 11, 2012.
    • You only qualify to win by posting a thread of your work in the corresponding threads above.
    • Given the media-centric nature of the contest, submissions may contain elements of each of the five categories, but all submissions must be related to Heroes of Newerth.

    • Users who make multiple submissions to the same category of the contest will be disqualified.
    • Users who submit the same work to multiple categories will be disqualified.
    • Users who submit any work other than their own will be disqualified.
    • Users who submit their work from an account other than their own will be disqualified.
    • Any known breach of copyright made without the copyright holder's permission outside of Heroes of Newerth will automatically result in disqualification.

    • Submissions must be made in full accordance with the forum rules and links to malicious content will result in a permanent ban of the connected HoN account and could result in an IP-ban.
    • Users who choose to participate in the contest do so willingly and understand that once their work has been submitted, he or she has agreed to give S2 Games the right to display that work publically, on e.g. our newsletters, website, or promotional video.
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    Not that I think I have a chance though, but it could be cool to try it. Drawing tablet, Energy drinks and no sleep, here I come!

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    Unbiased my ass. Im sure anyone who does traditional drawing wont have a chance vs digital drawing.

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    If the traditional drawing is well done then why not? If you take a lopsided webcam screenshot of a sketch that probably won't do as good as a fully colored and scanned piece of art, traditional or digital.

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    first page

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    Fun! Will try my best even tho im a newb.

    GL to everyone

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    Time to make the new hon soundtrack!

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    Orrrsstraayyyliaaa maaayytee
    Sounds good! I'm in!

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    OMG i can't wait! I finally decided to enter the next art contest, and i sure as hell will! Can't wait to test my artistic skills as an actual designer irl! Looking forward to see alot of Insane artistic pictures and videos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero_MnotW View Post
    "Each user may only submit one entry of their own work to the contest per category..."
    Nooooooooo! I guess I'll have to learn how to do video rendering and how to sing..
    ducks lol

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    inb4 Breaky cosplaying as Balphagore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingaby View Post
    IT IS ON
    Things are getting serious if darkuther, lhune and strider try to beat you

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    Looking forward for the results!

    Game Masters are not Frostburn Studios employees. My posts in no way represent the view of Frostburn Studios or any of its staff.


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    Would we be allowed to use the ingame HoN music in our video?

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    Hm, normally I'd feel confident about winning something like this when it revolves around image creation, themes, wallpapers, ect. But, these other categories? I'm looking forward to competing though!

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    i might try to draw a picture...but...i will have no chance probably : |

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    Like can we design concept art for toons we made?
    May the force be with you

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    So we can draw anything HoN related then?

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