Thread: What is "True Strike"?

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    What is "True Strike"?

    - Arachna
    * Precision now gives True Strike to everyone at level 4

    What is true strike?

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    True strike allows you to ignore evasion, such as Wingbow and Zephyr's passive.

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    It also allows you to ignore any miss chance you have on the target from standing downhill or inside a Smoke Cloud from Night Hound for example (the exception being attacking Kongor from outside his pit).

    It's like the True Strike from the item Savage Mace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jozzeh View Post
    True strike allows you to ignore evasion, such as Wingbow and Zephyr's passive.
    Zephyr passive evasion only against melee attackers. Ranged units get their projectiles reflected back to them, and true strike doesnt prevent that.
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    True Strike means your attacks cannot miss.

    • 0% chance to miss uphill
    • 0% chance enemy can evade (with Wingbow, for example)
    • 0% chance attacks will miss (inside NH's cloud, for example)

    Zephyr's passive is an exception, as the attack actually lands but is scripted to be redirected. Read about it more here:
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    Melee heroes don't get true strike since Arachna's aura only extends to ranged units.

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    aparently her atck is true strike, but when u use webshot (her Q ability) it can miss uphill. im guessing harkons on arch can miss uphill aswell, only normal atck doesnt.

    also does anyone know if her Q is countered by magic armor or physical armor?

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