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    Report system after kick.

    Well, when is enough is enough.

    The report system here is kinda strange.
    Now you will ask, why?

    Last game, one of many, i got a kick for having a stupid premade of kids, and i was kicked cause i got the forth kill and an idiot didnt a quadra kill. Seriously? I come to help cause someone was dying and i got a kick for this? For being friendly? And, of course, then that you can imagine what they said to me.

    The opposite team just voted yes cause i was fed, and of course more chance to win for them.
    Cant we just turn off this option or change it in something different?

    That's enough.
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    There is another thread here that has a solid approach, the person who initiates the kick needs to fill out a tick report or lose 25s.
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