Thread: F2P, failure? or just not properly thought through

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    F2P, failure? or just not properly thought through

    I just made a random f2p account and started playing smm, I realized RIGHT AWAY that half the people on either team had ZERO knowledge of this games ups, downs, cons and pros. I am in no way a pro player (workin my wai outta dat 1500 >_>) but comeon, this IS the reason there should be some sort of requirement other than "you must have played till lvl 5 or bought some cash".
    Perhaps you should revamp that requirement to be "You must play 10 FULL DURATION matches" if this isnt possible or "cost effective" you can make other things be the requirement like "You must have watched the FULL tutorial before using the matchmaking function". Im not trying to rag that there is too many bads in this game, its just that they dont know the "ropes" of hon yet, and allowing them to play in a competitive way immediately ruins it for potential LOL players who know some but not all, or past dota players that wanna get back into the scene. These are all just thoughts and fully welcome to criticism.

    Simply put (just a header I guess)

    expect new players to LEARN something before they jump into the matchmaking competition, you never know. It might help


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    HoN could use lots of improvements to easy the entry into the game.

    I personally believe casual mode, AI, and the tutorial should be the primary tools. However, AI isn't implemented, Casual Mode doesn't really make it easier for new players, and the tutorial is just bad.

    We will see what happens in the future though. I suspect S2 is very aware of the issues.

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    f2p is a success from a business standpoint and a failure from a legacy player standpoint
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    Let's be honest, the tutorial teaches nothing.

    Also bots are on the way, that will help loads.

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    I always thought it was the huge, red "Play now" option that causes this. Thats what happened when I first joined.
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