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    English: Void Talisman

    I am not sure if this is the right forum, because this isn´t really a translation error but a logic bug with the tool tip of void Talisman. If so could you just delete this post? or put it where it belongs?

    anyhow my problem is the following. the item description of void talisman states that on use you will: "renders you immune to attacks and physical effects on use."
    now the ingame effects of this item are physical immunity disarmed and -5.5 magical armor.
    my problem with this is that the text makes you assume you are immune to attacks, but actually it just makes you immune to the physical dmg part of the attack. the text would make one assume that the damage from an activated harkons blade will be negated or the magical extra dmg from revenants skill will be ignored as well. this is of course wrong. it would be nice if the description would be fixed to better explain what it does. for example:
    "Renders you immune to physical damage and effects on use." i know this it knitpicking but it makes my inner lawyer quit agitated.

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    I'm fairly certain that the tooltip is a relic from when you actually couldn't target the hero with VT activated, like trying to cast a single target spell on someone with Shrunken Head.

    Like you've rightly pointed out, it only stops the physical attack damage component of the autoattack now, which means certain skills (Sand Wraith's Deserted, Harkon's Blade) still go through.

    Think of a decent replacement, I guess.
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    " Renders you immune to physical damage and physical effects on use."
    I think that says it all, doesnt it? Pointing out that you are more vulnerable and disarmed on use is already pointed out in the effects below. If it had to be in the tooltip to i would go with:
    "Makes you immune to physical effects and damage, but disarms and lowers magical armor on use."
    Something like that.

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