Thread: Most underrated and overrated player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meroi View Post
    People having opinions about a subjective topic? Quick, I must tell them they are wrong.

    To me, if you hear just good things about a player and read overall that he's THAT GREAT KID, but when you see him, he does medicore and gets carried, then yes, in your eyes, by your opinion, he is overrated. If there is a guy who's quiet in the forums, does good in games overall, but doesn't have that "HERE I AM"-attitude, he's probably an underrated players.
    So your first statement is to make it seem like I don't understand that this thread is opinion based when I clearly said, " People are being way too subjective for a subjective topic." You should try and grasp the English language better before you try to refute what I say when instead you stated something that was known already.

    Secondly, you're not mentioning anything new to what I said with the second portion. That case obviously applies but there's a difference when a FEW people say someone is great and is thus considered an overrated player as opposed to when a COMMUNITY says that someone is great but doesn't play up to par. What I'm saying is that instead of people going by hearsay and trying to estimate how many people think of a player a certain way, they should use a statistic, such as the Honcast Community Awards to base their opinion off of. There's no point to base an opinion off of something you're unsure of. It makes that opinion worthless. That was the entire point of my post and that is why I linked that thread.

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    overrated: moonmeander,
    Underrated: Zfreek, fly

    Zfreek in my opinion the best forest player in the game right now, fly in a close second

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    overrated: angrytestie, Underrated:moonmeander

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aray View Post
    lol @ people calling moon underrated when he used to be completely unknown to the community yet was a great/solid player. hate on him some more.

    overrated: post LoL chu
    underrated: slickz
    Chu? hah!
    Need more souls.. !

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    Overrated: Tralf
    Underated: FreshPro / Testie / pretty much the whole Fray team.

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    overrated: no1
    underrated: zfreek (what is this guys iq seriously?)

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    Overrated: Sender
    Underrated: Erik Agdur (#1 EXP DHS!)

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    Overrated: Moonmeander (Big talk, troll, bad mannered, all to hide how mediocre he is)
    Underrated: JaH

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    Dylan and Dylan

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    overrated: moonmeander
    underrated: wyt and all exLIONS bar Era (hope they do well in dota2)
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    Overrated: Phil D thrill
    Underrated: BreakyCPK

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    I personally thought dirgesnoopy was the most underated

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    Under rated: Riser
    over rated: Noobs

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    ITT; Butthurt euros voting for Moon as overrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeFox View Post
    Overrated: Moonmeander
    Underrated: WTF

    Moon makes terrible decisions at times exclaiming: TEAM.. he can play a solo 1v1 mid very well, but HoN is a teamgame...

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    Underrated and not picked up: War Beast

    Brized, start mowing people down k?

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    I don't understand why people think n0tail and Slickz are underrated... They're considered the best in the game at specific things. How can you say the people that are widely considered the best there is to be underrated?

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    Overrated: Cardinal
    Underrated: SNIPERDAD420

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    Quote Originally Posted by sHiNKz View Post
    I personally thought dirgesnoopy was the most underated
    He will get his 1st place one day

    With the way he played during DHW he deserves it

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    Overrated: moonmeander
    underrated: Dabeliuteef

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