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    AOE spell and inventory lag

    I recently started to freeze up for anywhere between a few seconds to a couple minutes when casting AOE spells or moving items outside of my inventory slots. I often get "no response from server" when this happens and have to reconnect to the game. I have only crashed once from this, but it's still severe enough to impact playing. I've already updated my graphics card, tried using both dx9 and opengl, and the problem still persists.



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    It looks like you just loaded up to the lobby in that console.log. Could you please upload a console.log from a hon instance where you experience the problem.

    Also, do you see heroes moving in place? The "no response from server" bit sounds like network lag rather than graphics lag.

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    I do not see heroes moving in place when I get no response, it just freezes and eventually kicks me out if it goes on long enough.

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    Have you tried reinstalling hon? If not, try doing so, and reinstall in a new location such as C:/HON
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    Reinstalling did not help.

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    any other ideas?

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    Does this occur in Practise Games? If so, can you play a Practise Game and upload the resulting console.log as before, and paste the view link here?

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    The problem randomly fixed itself. No clue why.

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    glad that it worked out.
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