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    Spellshards, do they stack?

    So i'm still new to this game, and while playing a game, i had a Spellshard, unupraged (still lvl 1) and also had an arcana in my inventory, without thinking i went to upgrade my spell shard, and by default it bought another one. -_-

    this made me curious though, does the % cdr and the magic penetration stack if i buy 2 of them and upgrade for a total of 12 magic penetration, and maybe 18% cdr, might be lower if they stack multiplicative. i am assuming that it does not, but i didnt know if anybody actually knew for sure.

    not even sure it would be practical at all. so dont give me that for an answer, lol. i realize that much. just a curious noob here.

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    But only up to 0 magic armor. You cant make it negative.
    The cooldown etc dont stack just armor thingy.

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    The armor reduction does stack, but you cannot lower an enemy below 0 armor. So if your enemy has 15.5 magic armor (Headdress), two Spellshards 3 will do damage as if he had 3.5 magic armor.

    The cooldown reduction does NOT stack.

    Int bonus, mana regen bonus, damage bonus, and attack speed bonus on Spellshards stack any other item.
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    First of all, Spellshards Magic Penetration can't ignore more then up to 0 magic armor, so if u have 2 spellshards LVL3 and the target has 8 magic armor, It will be considerd as 0 Magic Armor, eventho 2 spellshards lvl3 would ignore up to 12.
    The only way to bring someone to negative magic armor is buy using Harkons and/or SPELLS with -Magic armor.

    If you have I.e. Blacksmith and his Flaming hammer+Spellshards, the spellshards lvl3 would ignore up to 6 magic armor, AFTER the flaming hammer debuff has reduced the target from 5,5 to 0,5. So the spellshards would only bring down 0,5 MA

    The % CDR doesn't stack in anyway.

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    sweet, all i needed to know. ty guys

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    oh and all of you have told me you cannot go below 0 magic armor with spell shard when the item itself tells you this, i'm a noob to the game, but i can read just fine. rofl

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