Thread: Screencasts/Vods - Please use youtube for broadest access!

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    Screencasts/Vods - Please use youtube for broadest access!

    I'd like to thank all the people creating casts/vods, I love to watch them.

    One problem for me though is that i mostly check them on my phone, a HTC Hero.

    This device, just as the iPhone,got limited flashsupport but awesome youtube applications
    where hq is no problem.

    Please, if it's not too much troubble, hook us techfreaks with YouTube movies for HoN on the move!

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    it's as simple as this...

    If youtube lets me upload video's longer than 10 minutes, I'll use them more. It's very time consuming to encode and upload 5+ video's for a single match. I'll try to upload some more video's to my youtube account though, I have been getting requests.

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    no one cares if you want to watch hon matches on your phone...

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    sosi fenald-san.

    Youtube vods would be awsome, i say we make a donation for stidah so he can make time for doing this : D
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    isnt it possible to get directors youtube accounts to upload vids wich are longer then 10 minutes, im not sure but i think i heard of that

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    Hi again!

    Sorry for not giving any info on how to do this, but i was writing from the very same phone i was talking about at the moment of the first post. Here is some info:

    Introducing YouTube Director

    A few weeks ago I posted about the new 10 minute video limit we put in place. While the main driver of this limit was to help prevent copyright infringement, we also knew it wasn't the best solution for all of you legitimate content creators out there. Ever since that posting we've been inundated with emails with your thoughts, ideas, feedback and frustrations about the 10 minute limit. First off, my apologies if we weren't able to respond to all of your emails individually. But the one message that came through resoundingly loud and clear is that there are plenty of you out there that are creating original content over 10 minutes in length, and you need a platform to broadcast yourself.

    You, the videoblogger, the comedian, the professional content producer, the amateur filmmaker, the independent musician, represent the very core of what YouTube is about. We wanted to do something more for you beyond accepting your videos that are over 10 minutes in length. That being said, we're thrilled to announce our new Director program. Upon successful registration, YouTube Director accounts will receive the following benefits:

    This: smokin logo on all your video pages and profile.
    Your own logo, company/organization URL, and description on all of your video pages
    Ability to upload videos longer than 10 minutes
    Customizable name & value fields for each of your videos (ex: "Price: $4.25" or "Show Time: 9 pm PST")
    Ability to attach a per-video URL to each of your videos
    This is how you become a director:

    Director (channel type) - A Director account is a type of YouTube account. In addition to performer information, Director accounts have the special distinction of being able to use advanced options for branding videos and the user's channel with custom text and graphics. To change your channel to hold Director status, go to your Account page, click on Edit Channel (under "More"), and click the "change channel type" link at the bottom of the page.
    Thanks for listening to us Stridah!
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    Actually, A solution is on it's way guys, be patient, HoN is early in development, there is good stuff coming.

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    I hope in includes a YouTubechannel for the VoDs/Shoutcasts, a software devloped by it's own won't be as good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaRajRaj View Post
    I hope in includes a YouTubechannel for the VoDs/Shoutcasts, a software devloped by it's own won't be as good!
    How do you know it wont be as good?

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    Because, as I said, there are a lot of devices that will not support the flashmodule that will be developed - it wont have the native support from the start that YouTube already has, where many weird and small diffrent devices have intergrated YouTubes video encodings.

    Don't be greedy - People will check out HonLeaugue anyway, even if the matches are hosted on a YouTube Director channel.

    It has advantages in regular computer browser use as well, with diffrent type of feeds and services that are directly connected to YouTube.

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    Director no longer has an unlimited cap, that was how it used to be.

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    If u can play youtube vids you can play what we're working on. It uses the same flash plugin

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    Correct me if i'm wrong (may well be here) but I didn't think the apps that allow Youtube to work used flash at all?

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    It's a stand alone YouTube app.

    But since you are already working on it and wanna get money out of it i bet you wont change your mind.

    But please also publish the stuff on YouTube as director vids, and yeah it can be as long as 2 hours so i think it will be enough.

    Don't like it when companies refuse to use working solutions that will make content avalibel to a broader player base jsut so they can keep everything inhouse, it's a very old businessmodel.

    Never mind my Android phone, but TONS of people use iPhones, and trust me, your plugin wont work on em.

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    I don't really like most Youtube quality videos, I have to squint to see the numbers sometimes. But yes, I do support since you can still watch a great match and learn a lot.

    My favorite thing is watching how competitive players adapt to bad lanes when switching isn't available
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    ok, so the truth is, u want to watch it on your cell phone.

    LOL :P no.

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    not just me mate, whole of sweden is plauged by iPhones.

    Would be sad if you loose all the potential viewtime just because you want your own inhouse mod to be exclusive

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    No it wouldnt? Does the HTC hero use windows mobile? You should be able to watch whatever you want with a windows mobile phone. Iphones are the only **** loving phones with gay youtube apps.

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