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    The shield is like the lamest skill in the game.. just another absorbing shield, 2 heroes in a row who has that, nice creativity S2

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    really this time the animations really sux

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    Nice work


    after spotlight:

    Nice hero, spotlight crazy but I hope the animations are better in the game
    to me, dont it's op, 50% of the community always think the new hero is op but i dont have fear of gunblade!

    still nice work
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    Looks like this hero is very OP. I was thinking since he is using a gunblade, he would be able to attack with the sword like in FF8. Maybe they can make his ult like Troll Warlord (from dota), where he can choose to be melee or ranged, and take out that broken shield and replace it with his ult now.

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    Realy realy bad move S2. Although the concept is cool, the rest realy sucks. Its a constructive critic, dont get me wrong.

    Bad animations, no creativity at all, no synergy, a shield that don't have anything to do with the hero, an ult just like Pharao's, but way more useless, nothing to see here.

    Stop releasing heroes everyday like if it's a good thing, and work more on their concept.

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    Looking forward to trying this hero out.

    Those who say no "synergy" either did not watch the spot light or they just do not get it.

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    S2... Seriously, you can do better than that.

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    This was a really bad video quality wise, apart from the background when the S2 games logo was shown. Also I don't really like the animations and skill effects of the hero. Hopefully, when he'll be released on friday, it'll be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediocre View Post
    His animations are really, really terrible...

    Also, who came up with the idea to give a 600 ranged agility hero a shield that scales with his primary stats which also gives him movespeed?

    That concept alone is wierd...
    They were probably thinking what escape mechanism they still didn't use on an agi hard carry and came up with this.

    Lame hero, stitched up from other heroes' skills, this game is turning into LoL.
    The difference between playing HoN with default zoom and with zoom set to 2000 in terms on player's enjoyment is about the same as the difference between riding a unicycle and driving a Mercedes. Some think they are cool because they can ride a unicycle, but normal people prefer to drive Mercedes.

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    Let's wait, then start rage, or not.
    Take a look to my hero Manavourer

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkeyeBR View Post
    Stop releasing heroes everyday like if it's a good thing, and work more on their concept.

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    [S2]Viole Just make a cool spotlight for e.g. Gunblade against flint beastwood and/or witch slayer, in the wild west.
    I didn't saw the link until reddit, Dumb me :P
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    every new hero since nomes left is unoriginal, visually unacceptable, have bad animations, completley not tought out in terms of skill synergy. it feels like its riot making heroes for LoL standard but putting them into HoN. gunslingers concept really thrilled me but after watching the spotlight im entirely disappointed. quality > quantity. i think more thumbs down than thumbs up on youtube says it all. for what sake does he have blades if he doesnt even use them, takes you too long to make new animations of melee combat? this is ridicoulus, this isnt dissapointment anymore, its anger that speaks through me, anger that a game with such potential is getting worse and worse with time, even tough its the best product in its kind.

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    Please give him a different hat.

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    What the **** am I reading? No synergy?
    His passive allows him to deal more damage the closer he is to the target. To make it useful, he need a way to come near his target. Here comes his ult, that also reduces armor, as he makes a lot of physical damage. But then, enemies can run away, what should we do? lets give him a slow to prevent them from doing it and make passive-ult combo more useful. And now, we have the last problem. He is a range agility carry, with probably nearly no str at all, who's abilities prevents him to fully benefit from his 600 range and requires to come as close as he can. He needs a way to survive a battle and still be effective during it. So, let's give him a shield, that will allow our gunslinger to focus on getting agility items to be as good of a carry as he can. That's about it.
    As I see it, this hero is pretty interesting and his design is pretty ok. Definitely not the best of S2's heroes, but not the worst, too.
    The spotlight video is really, really bad though. Especially the beginning and crying-baby-moment. And Gunslinger's walk animation is not any good, too. Shame on you, S2.
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    So this hero has blades on his gun but he doesn't use them?

    Personally, I would have just had his lethal range be a toggle ability that turns him into a melee hero that does increased damage. This would make sense as to WHY he has blades on his guns. At least it would have atleast added something NEW to the game.

    This is the first hero in a long time that I feel is just too poor in too many categories and I am not happy about it. New heroes really should be exciting, and I am not excited for this guy.
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    Nice pharaoh ult

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pan_spagetka View Post
    4, Zero innovation and idea. Nothing original. You could have used concept for example allow him to switch from melee to ranged. For example in melee he would have advantage over ranged enemies, and vice versa.

    THINK before you make another trash hero in two weeks.
    So innovation is recycling an ability from an old Dota hero? THINK before you trash a hero you haven't played.

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    Not my kind of hero at all. Looks cool though.

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