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    It takes skill to KS, flaunt it.

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    Honestly the difference between the gold from a kill and assist is so close now, no one should complain who gets the last hit..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mipi View Post
    KS everytime as soon as your taunt is ready.

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    I had a great moment some time ago. I was playing witch slayer and we were pushing mid. Enemy gauntlet initiated on our elec and within a fraction of a second flint started shooting him, pyro and me ultied at the same time while gaunt was at 90% hp. I got the kill and then flint starts talking crap about ksing. Luckily he was the only tard in the team and we collectively shut him up though.

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    Kill him and /ignore your teammate, when he starts crying.
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    There is acceptable and unacceptable ksing.

    Acceptable ksing is if you're a carry or if the opponent is in danger of running away.

    When opponents try to break away from the engagement and try to flee, thats when all ksing complaints should stop.

    Unacceptable ksing is if you're a support and you're trying to burst down an opponent thats 1-2 auto attacks from death to your team's carry. Example would be Witchslayer using the bullet on a low hp stun locked opponent while your whole team is already whaling on him.

    Generally, using single target ults on opponents that are already getting bursted on by your entire team is pretty unacceptable. i mean, why would you waste your ult on someone who is going to die anyway?

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    KS = Killsteal it's where you purposely hit the enemy on the last hit (like if you haven't done anything).

    You're a carry you need the kills so it dosen't matter, just tell them that you are the one carrying them later..

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    I tried to let our pred get a kill (I was aluna) and i died because gemini stunned me and killed me, he then died to pred but i could have stunned and not died. So you can try to do the "noble" thing about letting your carry get the kill or do the sure thing that is getting the kill. As long as he got the assist it's ez to have a kill.

    Also, EVERYONE in the team needs farm. Those wards don't grow on the ground.
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    Kill enemies, push lanes, win game.


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    ALWAYS ks when the potential kill target is , or any other enemy carry that can get away easily. Actually, for enemy carries in general, it is acceptable to overkill a bit, because killing them usually slows their farm or forces a buyback. I've actually seen people stop attacking a low hp Magebane because they did not want to be seen as a kser, and it makes me sad.

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    Always make sure enemy dies as fast as possible to save time and resources. There is no KS.

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    No point in letting that Pyro ult stay off cooldown. Let it rip!
    Quote Originally Posted by GodTzimisce View Post
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    ''Kill secure''

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