Thread: Game disconnect and I can't reconnect.

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    Game disconnect and I can't reconnect.

    same ****ing thing just happened to me, but it's the first time, I can't reconnect ... I can just get another leave due to S2 bugs. It will be my second in more than 1000 games...

    Well here goes how it happened, we were winning it while I was playing empath and my team was pushing, and out of the blue when I was about to gank another guy I got disconnected and I've been trying to leave the game, check the old games etc, the game can't be found. And I can't reconnect. So, Leave #2 Thx S2 Games.

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    Did you try typing reconnect into the console?

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    It's as if the game never existed -_-

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    Get the match ID and check what happens in replay when you get dc'd.

    Also, what error popped up when you got disconnected?

    If you want to attempt to get your leave taken away, contact customer support.
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