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    Dear s2

    Just an fyi, if you dont do something about the shitties community in all of gaming, aka the HoN community, you can expect a total collapse of your company. I cant Q with even 3 people and not get a troll. the only way you can gurantee that you wont get trolled is qing as 5. This is pathetic. Even in the 1800 bracket, with more "experienced" players, you get 2 to 3 kids thinking they are funny cuz they can troll all game. and what does S2 do about it? absolutely nothing. ZERO. they go on without and consequences to their actions and that is why your game is going to die when DOTA 2 hits if you dont tighten up on the community. Its almost as if you promote it. GG s2

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    You are pretty funny. The end of HoN predicted yet again by a mad even as the game is growing in numbers. Please save these episodes to share with your mom. We have read them before.

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    I agree that it's quite annoying how much trolls can get away with without getting banned by RAP. I mean picking a retarded hero AND going into your lane causing a trilane, causing firstblood and feeding all game while spamming chat with their bullsh*t "u mad" and "rofl u bad" is considered by GMs as "bad play" and is not bannable... Yeah. Promote that kind of crap more S2 ^^

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