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    vote kick needs fixing

    hey i recently got vote kicked for no reason well actualy not wanting to cc and i got kicked as stupid as it sounds i think u should really fix the fact that u get for not wanting to concede plz fix

    match id: 82102931

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    Yes, that is unfortunately allowed. The GM's have said that if 9 players wants to kick someone, they shouldn't be stopped. It sucks that it happened to you. Best way to counter it is to always queue with at least one friend (good friend, not troll friend). That way, you won't get kicked.

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    The kick could have been justified. I have been in quite a few games where your team was clearly losing and one guy just did not want to concede saying that your team should suffer, take the time to ltp, etc.. Not conceding in order to grief is even reportable.

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    Yea the vote kick sucks sometimes, but you just gotta live with it. I was just vote kicked out of a game for "ksing" a Polly when I was playing Pred. My team was 4 friends, so of course all of them up voted it, and the other team all up voted because I was the one carrying the game and me being gone would give them a chance of winning. So I got kicked and my team lost the game since it was a bunch of supports and I lost mmr...

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    It sucks, I know, just today my team was losing and only I didn't want to cc as I knew we still got chance, they voted to kick me but fortunately not all voted and we won the game in the end.

    Imo, there should be some change about this votekick.

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    You might have a chance, but it might mean a 60min long boring game that many does not want to play for a measily 10mmr

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    Working as intended. You were ruining the game for 9 other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucian01 View Post
    Working as intended. You were ruining the game for 9 other people.
    If what you are saying is a valid logic, imagine S2 being the American government and the 10th player being of African decent.
    "Sorry bro, you might be right but, you are black..."
    Quote Originally Posted by Sobik View Post
    Change the buildup to Sword of the high + slayer? If you nerf the insanely cost efficient slayer to 2400 gold, the total cost would be 5700 gold, which is fair to me. Perhaps just making it harder to build would give other items a chance (even a wingbow has dancing blade - 3300 gold component). Another positive of this would be more options for Sword of the high; if someone sees you now with it, he knows you are going for mock and prepare for it accordingly.
    It scales the MOST lategame, when everyone has a lot of armor, since true strike completely ignores it. It also scales pretty well with attack speed. More attacks = more procs in a given time frame.

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