I was searching the Miscellaneous subforum for this suggestion, but I did not find any threads like this.

So when I was :cthu:'s Hook'em getting changed letting him deny allied creeps from level 2, I thought to myself "Why can't we do it to other heroes to stop them from denying experience from level one?"

My suggestion is to make :temp:'s Elementals, :plag:'s Extinguish and :para:'s Infest work on allied creeps starting from level 2. This would stop them from denying experience to the enemy team right at level 1, it would not by any means make :temp:'s and :para:'s jungling any harder.

Although :plag: is a very special problem as he can only target ally creeps so I doubt there could be any change done to him, but I can't see any reasons why it wouldn't be changed for :temp: and :para:.

I would like to hear your opinions about this. I might've missed a hero which has a deny spell, so tell me if I've done so.