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    HoNMod Repository

    The repositories are no longer maintained as mods no longer use the numbering system. See here for more details

    The HoN ModMan converted mods repository

    This thread's goal is to give users an easy way to access all the mods which were converted to the correct format to be used with the HoN ModMan created by Notausgang. Credits to Warchamp7 for the thread formatting, I took most of the mod descriptions from his Modification repository.

    HoN Modification Manager

    Installation instructions for .honmod
    Mods (*.honmod files) go into the game\mods sub-directory of your HoN install (which will be created when you first launch the program). Any mod files in that directory that are compatible will automatically show up in the program.

    The default locations for this directory are:
    Windows: C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth\game\mods
    Linux: /home/<username>/HoN/game/mods
    1. Press Finder
    2. Press Applications
    3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files
    4. Open Game folder
    5. Open mods folder
    6. Move *.honmod files here

    **Numbers in green in the repository designate the number of the mod in the .s2z repository in the first post. Mods without numbers are ones that don't currently have a number in the repository.


    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


    The Repository

    .___. 062
    .___. 2D Hero Portrait by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Replaces the 3D hero portraits with the regular 2D hero icons.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by AsiaPingPong)

    .___. 039
    .___. Added Warcraft Voices by Zejety
    .___. Adds voices to some heroes using clips from Warcraft 3.
    .___. .honmod download (all voices) (converted by Zajety)
    .___. individual voice .honmods (mediafire folder by Zajety)

    .___. 103
    .___. Ally Skill Bars by Barter
    .___. Adds four bars below your allies' healthbars for their ability status.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Barter)

    .___. 019
    .___. Another Scoreboard Mod by Lowboll
    .___. A scoreboard mod that makes the scoreboard more compact while still displaying all useful information.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)
    .___. add-on for colored K/D/A (built by MaxGhost)

    .___. 040
    .___. Automatic Ability Learning by Notausgang
    .___. A mod that allows you to queue up abilities to automatically learn whenever you level.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Notausgang)

    .___. 054
    .___. Automatic Scoreboard Slide Out by Fitzfuchs
    .___. A simple mod that slides the scoreboard out into it's small state upon game start.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Fitzfuchs)
    .___. .honmod version with Bigger Scoreboard (built by Fitzfuchs)

    .___. 092
    .___. Bang! Kongor Timer by Bangerz
    .___. Plays a sound to remind you when Kongor revives.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Bangerz)

    .___. 069
    .___. Bangin' UI by Bangerz
    .___. A compilation of a number of mods by Bangerz.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Bangerz)

    .___. 051
    .___. Banlist Assist by Ice_Phoenix
    .___. Makes banning easier and provides automatic ban templates.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Ice_Phoenix)

    .___. 047
    .___. Bard's UI by Bard
    .___. An extensive UI modification with it's own system menu. Custom Unitframes are among other features soon to come.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 108
    .___. Bigger Creep Health Bars by kevs926
    .___. Makes the health bars thicker and disables the name frame when you mouse over lane creeps.
    .___. .honmod download (built by kevs926)

    .___. 017
    .___. Bigger Scoreboard by MaxGhost
    .___. A mod that increases the size of the scoreboard to allow larger hero icons.
    .___. .honmod download (improved by Ignorance)

    .___. 111
    .___. Blacksmith Random Button by Montis
    .___. Plays a Blacksmith line when you use the random button.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Montis)

    .___. 024
    .___. Brighter Cursor Mod by MaxGhost
    .___. A mod that increases the brightness of the targeting cursor.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 034
    .___. Channel Loader by blackAngel88
    .___. Allows you to auto-join up to six channels.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 116
    .___. Chat Modifier Fix by Ignorance
    .___. Shift modifier only goes off if shift is the last button pressed before enter.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 113
    .___. Chat Panel Fixed by slime73
    .___. Updates the CC chat panel to match the lobby button look.
    .___. .honmod download (built by slime73)

    .___. 036
    .___. Choose your Destiny by Fitzfuchs
    .___. Adds a 'Choose your Destiny' sound effect when you enter the hero select screen.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Fitzfuchs)

    .___. 057
    .___. Cleaner Battles by MaxGhost
    .___. A simple mod that removes the black space behind creep healthbars.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 016
    .___. Colorblind Mod by Picklefish and MaxGhost
    .___. A mod that changes the friendly/enemy colors button to have white/red, white/blue, and fuchsia/yellow (and inversely for each)
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost, relative position fix by FreshM)

    .___. Custom hero voices by MasterMime
    .___. Adds user made/recorded/edited hero voices to the game for some heroes which don't have voices.
    .___. .honmod (Sand Wraith) (converted by MaxGhost)
    .___. .honmod (Puppet Master) (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 091
    .___. Custom Player Colors by Montis
    .___. Lets you customize the color for each player with RGB sliders.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Montis)

    .___. 085
    .___. Day Night Cycle Mod by Montis
    .___. Adds sounds for dusk and dawn and a daytime tooltip.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Montis)

    .___. 056
    .___. Disband Game Position Swap by Jager
    .___. Swaps the position of the Disband Game and Start Game buttons in the lobby.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Jager)

    .___. 056
    .___. Don't Deselect by Shirokko
    .___. A mod that doesn't hide the target when they enter fog. Note: It does not update while they are in fog, just retains the information.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Shirokko)

    .___. 060
    .___. DotaKeys by Valentin_
    .___. Allows you to have the same hotkeys as the heroes in DotA for those heroes that were ported, and similar hotkeys for HoN only heroes.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Valentin_)

    .___. 001
    .___. DotA Item Names by Warchamp7 (version 0.1.66)
    .___. A mod that adds the DotA names for items below their HoN name.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by hsram)
    .___. .___. *Note that this mod will only work with the game version specified above, and will stop working once the game updates.

    .___. 122
    .___. Extended Shop by robrobo
    .___. Saves the shop position and which shop is open.
    .___. .honmod download (built by robrobo)

    .___. 097
    .___. Extended Tooltips by robrobo
    .___. Adds additional information to item tooltips such as the effective HP boost or DPS it will grant.
    .___. .honmod download (built by robrobo)

    .___. 042
    .___. Encyclopedia by Notausgang
    .___. This mod adds a small encyclopedia window to the Clan & Community Panel allowing you to quickly access detailed information about heroes, items and chat terms anywhere in the game.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Notausgang)
    .___. add-on: extra pages for all heroes listing skill builds in detail (by Sonic_Boom)

    .___. 067
    .___. Enhanced Test Window (Test++) by Sephinator
    .___. Adds some additional functionality to the Test Window.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Sephinator)

    .___. 114
    .___. Full Game Notifier by Ignorance
    .___. Gives you a notification when the game fills up and when all of the slots are taken.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 021
    .___. Game Filter Mods by Picklefish [BROKEN]
    .___. A couple mods that allow you to filter games by pings or based on 'Brasil' being in the game name
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 121
    .___. Heartbeat Mod by robrobo
    .___. When your hero's health drops below 20% the border of Hon will flash red and you will hear a heartbeat.
    .___. .honmod download (original version by robrobo)

    .___. 026
    .___. Hero Health and Mana Percentages by slime73
    .___. Adds Hero Health and Mana as a percentage above their health bars.
    .___. .honmod download (original version by slime73)

    .___. 058
    .___. Hero Teams by Dynamiczny
    .___. A simple mod that displays a hero's team above their healthbar.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Dynamiczny)
    .___. beta version .honmod download (converted by Dynamiczny)
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    .___. 012
    .___. Improved Buff/Debuff Indicators by Vadi
    .___. Improves the display of buffs and debuffs by showing the remaining time similar to abilities
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 098
    .___. Improved Locks by Ignorance
    .___. Lets you lock players instead of slots; Wherever a player is locked, his lock will move with him.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 038
    .___. Improved UI by Barter
    .___. A super customizable interface mod by Barter, featuring support for add-ons.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Barter)
    .___. .honmod download for juking map add-on (converted by Barter)
    .___. .honmod download for level-up hotkeys add-on (converted by Barter)
    .___. .honmod download for autocast hotkeys add-on (converted by Barter)



    .___. 048
    .___. Large Clan Stutter Fix by Slime73
    .___. A mod that stops the clan list from refreshing. This prevents stuttering when the list refreshes for large clans.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Slime73)

    .___. 109
    .___. Last Hit Assist by taion
    .___. Adds a little tick to the creep hp bars indicating a best guess of the active hero's damage.
    .___. .honmod download (built by taion)

    .___. Mana Costs by Notausgang
    .___. This mod shows the mana cost of items and spells just above their icons.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Notausgang)

    .___. 078
    .___. MiniMap Misclick Manager by Montis
    .___. Adds non-clickable border to the MiniMap to avoid misclicks.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Montis)

    .___. 035
    .___. Minimap Right-Click Toggle by MaxGhost
    .___. Adds a button for toggling on/off being able to right-click the minimap.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)

    .___. 095
    .___. Multiselect Hotkeys by Ignorance
    .___. Some special hotkeys for managing multiple units.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 032
    .___. No Questions Asked by eNTi
    .___. Adds a button to the top right corner that will instantly disconnect you when left clicked and instantly exit the game when you right click with no questions asked.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by FreshM)

    .___. 112
    .___. Ninja Host Detector by Ignorance
    .___. Places a 5 second countdown next to anyone who is locked and then unlocked within a two second time frame.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 094
    .___. Options Menu in the CC Panel by Ignorance
    .___. Adds the options menu to the CC panel (F6 menu)
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 088
    .___. Player Names by wuuh_riddle
    .___. Displays player names, level and health and mana as a percent along with their healthbars.
    .___. .honmod download (built by wuuh_riddle)

    .___. 090
    .___. Portrait Swap by Ignorance
    .___. Allows you to swap with someone by clicking their portrait.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 070
    .___. Practice Mode Hero/Item Name changer by NiGHTsC
    .___. Change all internal names of Heroes and Items to their current names such as Yogi to WildSoul and Damage10 to Mock of Brilliance.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by hsram)
    .___. .honmod download with DotA Item Names (001) (converted by hsram)

    .___. 030
    .___. PSR Filter in Game Lobby by Fatal510
    .___. Allows you to filter players in the game lobby based on their PSR or EM%.
    .___. .honmod download (improved by Ignorance)

    .___. 010
    .___. QuickCommands by Ape3000
    .___. An extension of Bard's Missing/Returned Mod, but on the right side of the minimap. Adds 14 buttons for warning teammates.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost, relative position fix by FreshM)

    .___. 015
    .___. Quick Stats in Game Lobby by Picklefish
    .___. A mod that displays a player's stats when you hover over their name.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Picklefish)

    .___. 008
    .___. Remove Shopkeepers from Shop Interface by Barter
    .___. A mod that removes the different shopkeepers from the shop interface.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by GeForceFX)

    .___. 104
    .___. Respawn Timers by Barter
    .___. Slide down boxes when an enemy dies. Alerts just you through chat when an enemy has respawned.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Barter)

    .___. 093
    .___. Right Click Deny by Ignorance
    .___. Allows you to right click allied creeps to deny them.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 117
    .___. RPG Keys by taion
    .___. Adds some additional keybinds to make the game behave more like a standard RPG.
    .___. .honmod download (built by taion)

    .___. 055
    .___. Rune Timer by picklefish
    .___. A mod that reminds you and your team to check the rune every 2 minutes.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Picklefish)
    .___. version without Teamchat warning (built by Picklefish)

    .___. 087
    .___. Scoreboard Toggle Hotkey by Ignorance
    .___. Adds a hotkey that toggles the scoreboard.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Ignorance)

    .___. 100
    .___. Server Name Tooltips by blackAngel88
    .___. Lets you lock players instead of slots; Wherever a player is locked, his lock will move with him.
    .___. .honmod download (built by blackAngel88)

    .___. 063
    .___. Shop Tooltip Remover by deweylewie
    .___. Takes away the shop tooltip which normally obscures your view of items.
    .___. .honmod download (built by deweylewie)

    .___. 037
    .___. Single Draft List by Eccentrikit
    .___. Lists your available heroes in SD games through the team chat automatically.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by Notausgang)

    .___. 099
    .___. Slim Replay Interface by duker
    .___. A smaller version of the replay control interface.
    .___. .honmod download (built by duker)

    .___. Smaller minimap by SoniCue
    .___. Makes the minimap smaller, to avoid misclicks.
    .___. .honmod download (built by SoniCue)

    .___. 106
    .___. Spectator UI by Barter
    .___. A customized spectator interface.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Barter)

    .___. 061
    .___. Spell Channeling Bar by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Displays a bar that indicates the progress of channeling spells.
    .___. .honmod download (built by AsiaPingPong)

    .___. 102
    .___. Stash In Shop by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Removes the stash from the bottom right corner of the screen, and attaches it to the shop.
    .___. .honmod download (built by AsiaPingPong)

    .___. 086
    .___. Stash Indicator by Tisser
    .___. Draws a blue border around shop items you currently have in your stash.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Tisser)

    .___. 014
    .___. The Useless Button by Tehwildcard
    .___. Adds a button to the community panel interface with a few useful buttons to displays things like your FPS or Ping.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)
    .___. Music add-on for TUB (converted by MaxGhost)
    .___. Disconnect add-on for TUB (converted by MaxGhost) [IMPLEMENTED]

    .___. 053
    .___. TinyUI by FreshM
    .___. A minimalistic UI that removes much of the interface bulk.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by FreshM)

    .___. 059
    .___. Tower Denier by Dynamiczny
    .___. Displays text below tower healthbars stating that they're deniable.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Dynamiczny)

    .___. 120
    .___. Tower Range Indicator by Sephinator
    .___. Shows the attack range of all towers that are alive and not in shroud.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Sephinator)
    .___. .honmod w/o shading (built by Sephinator)

    .___. 115
    .___. Ultimate Replay UI by Yunak
    .___. Replaces the minimized state of the Replay interface with a 'media player'-like UI.
    .___. .honmod download (built by Yunak)

    .___. 033
    .___. V.O.I.P Slider by MaxGhost
    .___. Adds boxes that slide onto the screen when an ally talks. The boxes are color coded and have the player and hero names.
    .___. .honmod download (converted by MaxGhost)




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