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    The 100th Hero Celebration - Post Event Update

    Post Event Update: Thanks to everyone who participated this past weekend in all of our 100th Hero Event festivities. It was so exciting to see that so many of you wanted to get in on the action and unite on the battlefield. For those of you who logged in and played a game of matchmaking during our S2 vs. The Community Event, you should notice 100 extra silver coins in your account. In fact, we got our butt kicked so hard during the event that we're going to be distributing the 100 Hero Chat Symbol and Voodoo Raptor Alt Avatar to everyone as well. Unfortunately we ran into a little trouble with the chat symbol, but you should all expect it by this Friday, March 10th. Voodoo Raptor should be released to everybody by March 6th. Thanks again everyone, we hope you had as much fun as we did.

    We've got our 100th hero Kinesis incoming and we aint afraid to show it! Starting today is our 100th hero celebration event, where we're giving away and unlocking oodles of content for both F2P and legacy players all week long.

    If you hadn't noticed already, we've already activated double silver coin matchmaking and taken 75% off the gold coin prices of all non-Early Access heroes. The free hero rotation pool even got a little classic HoN loving for this week. Now for the fun part.

    For the next week, we'll be giving away over $100,000 worth of Gold Goblin Coins. To qualify to win these coins, all you have to do is log in and win a matchmaking game of HoN. This will give you one entry to win a piece of our $100,000 Gold Coin Giveaway. You'll only be entered once each day, but dont let that stop you from Coins will be dispersed as follows:

    • Monday-Friday -
      1000 x $10 Gold coin packages each day
    • Saturday + Sunday -
      1000 x $50 Gold coin packages
    • Sunday -
      One Grand Prize Winner of 100,000 Gold Goblin Coins

    Go here for an updated list of the winners!

    In order to qualify for the grand prize, you must log in and win a matchmaking game of HoN everyday starting today until this Sunday, March 4th. Keep in mind that these times will be determined using our local time at S2 Games (EST, or GMT - 5:00).

    In addition to the coin giveaway we will be releasing free copies of Kinesis through our social media channels at random times on launch day - Friday, March 2nd. To increase your chances of winning, Like us on Facebook at or follow us on twitter @heroesofnewerth. Only NA/EU players will be able to redeem these free copies of Kinesis and we'll be giving them out periodically all day long so stay closely tuned.

    S2 vs. The Community Details:

    We'll also be hosting another S2 Games vs. The Community event this Friday, March 2nd to celebrate our 100th hero release. This time, we're waging an all out war and we've got exclusive symbols and Alt Avatars up for grabs for anyone who's up for a little friendly competition. All you have to do to qualify for community prizes is play a single game of matchmaking this Friday between 12am-11:59pm EST. Should S2 Games fall at the hand of the community, prize distribution will be as follows:

    • 5 x S2 Losses - 100 silver coins
    • 10 x S2 Losses - An exclusive symbol
    • 15 x S2 Losses - A free copy of the unreleased Voodoo Raptor Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar. We'll even throw in a copy of Voodoo Jester for those F2P players who still haven't picked him up yet.

    NOTE: These rewards will be handed out on Monday, March 5th.

    We'll be jumping into normal matchmaking on Forests of Caldavar at 12pm EST, starting with the S2 Games Design Team. Queue up with your friends and try your luck at beating us all day long tomorrow. Honcast will begin providing coverage at 1:00pm EST at

    To end the week with a bang for F2P, we're going to unlock all non-Early Access heroes from Friday, March 2nd until Sunday, March 4th

    So let's get down and party like Newerth has never seen before. Its a celebration we want everyone to join in on and benefit from to thank everyone for their continued support.

    A complete breakdown of this week's festivities can be found at:

    Oh, and by the way,

    Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner! 100,000 Gold Goblin Coins richer!

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    Voodoo Raptor, gratz Strider
    Has a rubber duck named "Mr. Quackers."

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    Congrats S2 100 heroes!
    This is the best offer ever!
    Buying all heroes i like!

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    S2 vs community:
    Will it be matchmaking again?
    Will there be certain times, or will they be playing whenever the hell they please?


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    And you announce all this at 10 pm for Europe? Tons of ppl will miss the win of Monday because of this..

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    Nice! So far 0-3 in matchmaking today

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    God damnit. I won't be home during most of this week and I'm going to miss almost all the events.

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    Awesome. I won games yesterday AND just won a couple today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokyu View Post
    And you announce all this at 10 pm for Europe? Tons of ppl will miss the win of Monday because of this..
    This guy has a point..............................

    Nice event though and congratz on the 100th hero!

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    So, does winning cm games count?

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    raptor voodoo only if you lose 15 times?...

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    Shoutout to Strider!
    Need more souls.. !

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    Fuark, 3 midterms this week -.-

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    Awesome keep doing!
    No alt Avatars ? WHY?
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    So vs S2 games will take place at US tiems on US servers aswell?..
    Quote Originally Posted by Nome View Post
    Alright, let's put it this way.

    1. PSR means nothing, outside of tourney seeding and e-peen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yug_modnar View Post
    So vs S2 games will take place at US tiems on US servers aswell?..
    Probably. And that also means Americans have a much greater chance of randomly being online when those prizes are given.

    Edit: Nevermind. Seems like they changed the rules regarding that.

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    Dont flame if this question has already been asked, but does the 75% include hero avatars? coz im thinking of mass buying them all if they are.

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    For the Free copies of Kinesis, does that include the EA alt? Otherwise its kinda silly for those of us who might want to buy the alt

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