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    Abusing the game


    I believe all of the people in the legion team, in this match, cheated on purpose. They clearly made parasite a neutral and thus they could kill him constantly and get farmed without leaving the base.


    This is an annoying feat and I do hope that you can ban them, would be much abliged.

    Match ID: 81135473

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    Obviously it's a bug with parasite. You can infest one of your own in lvl 3 (Now need lvl 2 in infest) then you click on yourself (while infested) and spam on the infest button. Thus you die and become a neutral enemy.


    1. Go out and get lvl 3.

    2. Infest one of your own creeps.

    3. Click on yourself and click the "Infest" button multiple times.

    4. You are now dead and is seen as a neutral.

    How big of a bug isn't this? You can even do it in a MM game.

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    It's a known bug, pretty big.

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