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    Mexican Tundra


    Buenos dias amigos and welcome to another alt avatar suggestion!

    My amigo Kae_ and I love Tundra and since we're both fans of the idea of a mexican alt but Voodoo Jester just won't ever get to wear a sombrero we thought that Tundra would also be a great option!

    You might think "But Tundra already has an awesome alt!"

    He does but it's a bit "too serious" and not as awesome as it could be! Also it's just a standard alt avatar without new voice or animations (other than his Q). This alt avatar would be an awesome choice to get new sets of both!

    Model: He could either be still walking by foot like he usually does or use an epic donkey as his mount! A sombrero, poncho and a Maracas as his club are a must though! The idea of a mustache is tempting but would be a detail some people may not like.

    Skills: These are just a few ideas and I'm not sure how much I like them yet but here they go anyway!
    Q: Hurls 2 giant Maracas at the enemy (could yell AY! AY! AY!).
    W: Shiver: Flying donkey/Chicken Coeurl: maybe a lizardlike pet that shoots sting.
    E: nothing special here
    R: tosses a pinata onto your target and creates an avalanche of candy!

    Taunt: He could throw down his sombrero and dance around it.

    Voice: I'm thinking of a rough "bandito"-like full spanish voiceset here are a few ideas for lines, including translations and a lot of mexican sayings!
    El burro trabaja doble - The donkey works twice as much
    A donde fueras, haz lo que vieras - Wherever you go, do as you see
    ¿Cómo estás amigo? - How are you my friend?

    Ay ay ay
    Arriba Arriba
    Siente mi maraca - Feel my maraca

    Vamonos - Let's go
    El miedo no anda en burro - Fear does not travel by donkey

    Espere un momento - Wait a moment

    No mana
    Necesito siesta - I need a nap/siesta

    Select Flavour (Jokes)
    No sé cómo me puso en este equipo, pero me gusta - I don't know who put me in this outfit, but I like it
    No, no me gusta burritos - No, I don't like burritos

    Prior: En boca cerrada, no entran moscas - In a closed mouth, flies do not enter
    After: El que no habla, Dios no lo oye - He, who does not speak, God does not hear

    Note: my spanish is not the best so I probably made a bunch of mistakes.

    Thanks for your attention, I'm glad to hear any kind of feedback and adjust this
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    Me Gusta!

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    best alt ever.

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    Si Si, Me Gusta

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    Coeurl should be a llama. +1.

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    Would be interesting, and i might get it, if Tundra didnt already look epic.
    Hmph, I'm up against all of you guys? Hahah, well then, sounds like I have nothing to worry about. This war's already been won.

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    We have a mexican alt avatar.

    El Guantelete.

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    ill buy it with gold coins if coeurl would be a llama.

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