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    The XML, Replays and Ladder sites have been broken for months?

    The XML, Replays and Ladder sites have been broken for months?

    The tournament site only has tournaments from 2010 and 2011?

    Why even have links to them if you have no intention to fix them? The replays site has been broken for at least 6 months.

    As awesome as XanderK and Phil are at reading the forums, perhaps you could invest in some computer scientists with expertise in high volume databases and maybe someone that knows html and php?
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    Edited the original post...

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    Bots yes :3
    ( . .)

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    Thanks for the update, hope it doesn't fall into the every growing empty promises pit. Still waiting for the post that addresses the money gouging den of evil known as the hon store.
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    Hooray! Me gusta.

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    Can't believe people are being sucked in by "these announcements". The only thing they told us is theyre working on (that's news) is bots. Everything else is just what is done all the time.
    I want specifics. What's the balance focus? New items or reworking old ones (eg sotm)? What old heroes are being looked at for reworks? Custom games or just a midwars map?
    If youre going to announce bots, announce bots don't pretend to announce other stuff if youre too terified to give any sort of details
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    Sweet thanks for the update - I was beginning to wonder what was going on behind S2's doors :3
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    Hontour seems to be very important to you. Will it come before 2013?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken
    1.) More consistent release of updated content within the game. These include things such as item changes, hero reworks, and replacement artwork.

    2.) More consistent release of new content. This content can include new items, game modes, maps, and mechanics.

    7.) Bug fixes. In an ideal world we would have already squashed any bugs that have been around. Unfortunately there are bugs, and we are moving the priority level of dealing with them higher on our radar.

    8.) *edit* HoN Tour. The officially sanctioned competitive tour for the game. We're putting the finishing touches on this and are excited for it to be revealed soon (I really didn't want to say that word).
    These are what I'm most looking forward to! Although, it's easily said than done so I'll see when it comes. Also the competitive scene is dying with small prizepools etc, let's see if S2 can help survive the competitive scene with some big prizepools or something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsmaelVera View Post
    Here's a suggestion: how about making some sort of community council that pulls ideas of what to make that the, you know, players might specifically want?
    The first action of the community council would be to hold a vote on the fate of Ismaelvera
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    I think practicing on bots for newbies are in some ways more effective than
    mentoring and spectating, so it's a great idea to bring new players in.

    Though I think custom map editing would better enrich the HoN experience for
    many because there are so many talented and dedicated people in the HoN
    community that are more than willing to make fun stuff of their own. I remember
    that's how DotA (and so much fun **** on the WC3 engine) came to be. The
    HoN client has so many models and junk now to be worked with- there is so
    much potential here and everyone knows it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken View Post
    HoN is the best multiplayer game on the market and we expect it be around for years and years to come.

    Seems like modesty is not one of your characteristics.

    But seriously, glad to hear what's going on behind the scenes from the man himself. Alltough a little update on Custom Maps would be neat too, you didn't do all that work on the Map Editor for nothing, did you?
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    Sweet! Thanks for letting us knowing!
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    Glad to see S2 communicating with the players again, especially

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    Soon cannot come soon enough...
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    Glad to hear about the maps thats really the only thing that I harp on about because it would make hon a lot more interesting. To be HoNest (see what I did there) you could do a map contest and get a few maps fast from the community and it would be awesome to actually get the map maker used after almost a year with 0 use for it.

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    The thing I'm interested in seeing is "replacement artwork"...

    I'm gonna guess that means new models and animations for the first generation heroes and alt avatars.
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    Great news, looking forward to it.

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    Hey, us guys on Mac are still crashing at least once a game. Game content is cool and all, but I would love to be able to actually use it.

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    Dudes just finish map editor and create custom game modes (aka fun modes).

    It seems that you have only two objectives:

    • To make game more stable (all xml/stats server problems, updater, bug fixes AND game balance). Its good and it is 100% needed. But its only to keep game running smoothly. Without giving any more additional new fun entertainment to game.
    • Other direction you are still going is creating game more attracting to new players (Bots project). Really? Who will play with bots in these 2 standard maps? New player will just try 3 times, move to multi-player and still suck there. If you will give coins (i wont say in which game it is already implemented) when your money making plan will have problem.

    To sum up you don't work on anything new for current players. I know that no one reads this and it will sink between other posts, but i had to say this.

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