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    hi thank for change who are about to happen ... just wanted to remember one thing .. hope you guys as feeders and treat the players who are afk ... and this very important, as it takes the grace of the game, play with them .. I think I deserved to be banned ... TY >> Vi_Hu

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    I approve of 4, I didn't like how HoN was harder to run than ArmaII
    Please support my Roman Legionnaire alt avatar suggestion

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    Would be nice to see a better match making system. Being based on MMR only is not balanced enough. What is the point of having level experience? Extra coins only?

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    Can't stop feeling extremely disappointed with this. Instead of allowing and working in one of your supposed main features (Custom-Games with Multiplayer feature) you simply roll the die and decide to add a singleplayer extension with bots when HoN is clearly a game that is played with people and not with bots.
    And don't get me started with useless maps and (even) more heroes.
    But hell, who I am to tell you how to do your job anyway .... I am just a guy that believed you could keep your damn promises and that got deceived in the end. GJ S2.... you should feel proud - few have been able to deceive so many in so little time.

    Can't stop feeling disappointed... and neither can map developers.
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    Please fix Vindicator. You have completely ruined him with your last patch. Glyph of Silence is what MADE Vindi. That passive aoe silence and the passive intel gain is the reason vindicator was great. You can mess around with Sage's Lore, even his ulti, but Glyph of Silence was crucial to Vindicator. I understand that you like to produce overpowered heroes like monkey king and nomad and don't like the idea that (god forbid) someone actually pick a hero that has a chance of stopping them from completely ruining the game, but seriously? Vindicator has been part of the game since the beginning. He has been my favorite hero for years, and now he's completely unplayable. Get your **** together s2, this kind of unbalancing is going to end up sending more and more people to Dota 2.

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    GW on the last patch! I love the nomad and vindi changes. I was a bit worried because they seem to have slacked off on balance until now but the latest patch and this announcement is, quite frankly, getting me pretty excited.

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    What about a new ladder system?

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    how about a reset of the leaver % san , And Sadpanda you are a sad one because we all gonna play in the dota2 so quit the QQ and man de f up !

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    Lets see!

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    8.) *edit* HoN Tour. The officially sanctioned competitive tour for the game. We're putting the finishing touches on this and are excited for it to be revealed soon (I really didn't want to say that word).


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