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    Maliken What S2 Is Working On

    Dear Players,

    We operate HoN as a service. In doing so, we identify key areas in which we commit our efforts towards service operations. Some (not all) of these include game servers, customer support, balance changes, and content additions.

    We have been spending a significant amount of time analyzing all of these categories, grading ourselves, and identify our weaknesses and ways in which we can improve. Our main priority is do a better job by finding a way to produce consistent, repeatable, excellent results across the board. We know we can be better and we WILL be better. This is and always will be a never ending task, as there is always room for improvement!

    Projects we are currently working on:

    1.) More consistent release of updated content within the game. These include things such as item changes, hero reworks, and replacement artwork.
    2.) More consistent release of new content. This content can include new items, game modes, maps, and mechanics.
    3.) BOTS, BOTS, BOTS! These guys have been in development for a while. There is still plenty to do, but it is important you guys know it is a priority for us! We have a special feature to our AI that we will reveal when we get closer to releasing our first iteration of bots.
    4.) Interface optimization that will reduce memory and CPU usage. We want to make the game run better on slower hardware and lower system requirements.
    5.) Improved Infrastructure for more stability in providing the online system necessary to run HoN. This is mainly behind the scenes stuff that reduces downtime. We've been spending a lot of effort here since mid last year and will continue to do so! *edit* This is done for a lot of reasons, one of which would be to stabilize XML / Replay site (that is for you Nate ).
    6.) New Patcher. This should be the final step in doing away with any issues people are having with general patching issues. We've developed a cleaner, simpler way to patch and it will also repair any issues with existing installs (so there should be significantly less reinstalling). Lastly this creates a more streamlined compatizer for watching old replays.
    7.) Bug fixes. In an ideal world we would have already squashed any bugs that have been around. Unfortunately there are bugs, and we are moving the priority level of dealing with them higher on our radar.
    8.) *edit* HoN Tour. The officially sanctioned competitive tour for the game. We're putting the finishing touches on this and are excited for it to be revealed soon (I really didn't want to say that word).

    We love happy players and strive to reach higher ground day-to-day. HoN is the best multiplayer game on the market and we expect it be around for years and years to come.

    I thank you all for spending your free time playing our great game and I hope to keep you entertained far into the future!

    Game HoN!
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    sounds fun

    edit: its great to finally know whats going on behind the scenes. keep up the great work gents

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    Bots.. Finallyyyyy!

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    Cool. If only you could also post what you're looking at with balance changes and what your concerns currently are with the game's balance, I might reinstall this game later.

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    So no custom maps?
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    Thank you. It's nice to see what you guys are working on and developing. Keep striving more and more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reldnahc View Post
    So no custom maps?
    Might be included under new content
    Quote Originally Posted by Flawless View Post
    HoN is LoL without training wheels. These kids just cant ride a bike without crashing, then they cry to mom saying the bike is the problem.

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    Excellent news, Maliken. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to all of it. S2 & HoN FTW.
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    Hmm bots... not sure. I would've spent my resources elsewhere, but perhaps this will help newbies get into the game.

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    Dont care until I see it frankly. Though if some of this is expected within in the next month or so then well done.
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    Cool, looking forward to all of that. Really wish there was aline up there that said "Finally porting Phantom Lancer just for you Orbital"

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    and who will create those maps, you?

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    Here's a suggestion: how about making some sort of community council that pulls ideas of what to make that the, you know, players might specifically want?

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    Glad to hear that from dear =3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reldnahc View Post
    So no custom maps?
    They just explained all the **** their doing and you still find something to pick at -.-
    Hmph, I'm up against all of you guys? Hahah, well then, sounds like I have nothing to worry about. This war's already been won.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orbitalx View Post
    Cool, looking forward to all of that. Really wish there was aline up there that said "Finally porting Phantom Lancer just for you Orbital"
    S2: Meh, close enough.
    Hmph, I'm up against all of you guys? Hahah, well then, sounds like I have nothing to worry about. This war's already been won.

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    my body is ready

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    Marc, is there a chance we'll see an improved stability in the general sever state? A lot of players (myself included) get a lot of mini dc's that at times make the game completely unplayable. They only happen in this game, and all steps have been made to fix this, but it seems to be the servers. It's only on some servers, though. I play through entire matches without a problem, other matches i have to CC because there's no chance i'll even be able to do anything.

    is there anything going on to address this issue/has it been acknowledged ?

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