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    LK's Geomancer

    im feeling motivated to make more quality posts on the forums, and hope to have this end up premium at some point. i'll be working on this the next couple days and have played roughly 30 geomancer games this week experimenting with different skill and item builds


    Geomancer is a versatile hero who does well both in the side lane or as a solo hero.

    Making use of high mobility and crippling AOE stuns and slows, you'll be all over the map ganking and initiating teamfights.




    • Know your role
    • Hero overview


    • Skills
    • Skill Builds
    • Justification


    • Starting items
    • Core
    • Luxury items
    • Situational item overview


    • Early game - Solo vs Sidelane
    • Ganking
    • Defending
    • Farming


    Know your Role

    Geomancer is a ganker and team fighter. You should not be farming a lane for an extended period of time, nor should you be spending all of your gold on wards, counterwards, dust, and courier upgrades. That said, you can still afford to place wards, just not in excess

    Hero Overview

    Geomancer is most often compared to Magmus in his role and abilities, so I will use Magmus as a sort of reference point on Geomancer's stats.

    Geomancer's stats are pretty damn good. They are almost identical to Magmus except that he has 6 more base intelligence, and 0.9 more intelligence gain for the cost of 0.6 agility gain. This is slightly made up for by his 0.9 higher base armor. These base stats are pretty solid and the high intelligence gain allows him to use a wider range of item builds.

    Geo's initial attack is also reasonably good, with the high end identical to Magmus' and the low end 8 damage higher, resulting in more reliable last hits.



    This skill is a 1000 range stun/escape mechanism and will be what you use to initiate. While it is relatively easy to dodge at a long range, it goes through trees and cliffs so taking your enemy by surprise is not a difficult task. This will be your bread and butter skill, allowing you to reposition yourself, keep enemies in place for Crystal Field and Earth's Grasp, and keep you from getting focused down immediately - as you cannot be targeted while digging. When chasing down one enemy, try to resurface behind them, so that if they try to run away you can easily block their path while allies come to your aid. Otherwise, simply try to hit as many enemies as possible.

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