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    Modification Repository

    The repositories are no longer maintained as mods no longer use the numbering system. See here for more details

    The Modification Repository

    001 - DotA Name Mod by Warchamp7
    .___. A mod that adds the DotA names for items below their HoN name.
    .___. stringtables/entities_en.str

    002 - Hero Health Values by Vadi [Disabled]
    .___. A mod that causes the hero tooltips to be always on and places the hero's health in the tooltip.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    003 - Hero Health Values 2 by Vadi [Disabled]
    .___. An alternative version that displays the hero health as a value above Heros' healthbars but below the tooltip.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    004 - Hero Health and Mana Values by Vadi [Disabled]
    .___. A version of Hero Health Values 2 with Health and Mana instead of just health.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    005 - Minimap Drawing mod by Vadi [Disabled]
    .___. Enables the minimap drawing capabilities leftover from commanders in Savage 2.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    006 - Creep Health Values by Vadi [Disabled]
    .___. A mod that displays creep health as a value above the creeps' heads.
    .___. ui/alt_info.interface

    007 - Bigger Tower Health Bars by Vadi
    .___. A mod that increases the size of Tower health bars.
    .___. ui/alt_info.interface

    008 - Remove Shopkeepers from Shop Interface by Barter
    .___. A mod that removes the different shopkeepers from the shop interface.
    .___. ui/game_shop_v3.package

    009 - Missing/Returned Buttons by Bard
    .___. A mod that adds three buttons to the top of the minimap for calling missing and returned on top, middle and bottom lanes.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. bard/miss_button_top.tga
    .___. bard/miss_button_mid.tga
    .___. bard/miss_button_bot.tga

    010 - QuickCommands by Ape3000
    .___. An extension of Bard's Missing/Returned Mod that moves the buttons to the right of the minimap and adds 3 new buttons for warning teammates to move back or push the respective lanes.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. quickcmd/miss_button_top.tga
    .___. quickcmd/miss_button_mid.tga
    .___. quickcmd/miss_button_bot.tga
    .___. quickcmd/miss2_button_top.tga
    .___. quickcmd/miss2_button_mid.tga
    .___. quickcmd/miss2_button_bot.tga

    011 - Target UI by Barter
    .___. Displays the icon and health of the selected target above your ability area. Also adds an experience tooltip beside the minimap.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/barter_ui.package

    012 - Improved Buff/Debuff Indicators by Vadi
    .___. Improves the display of buffs and debuffs by showing the remaining time similar to abilities.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    013 - Target UI + Teammate Info by Barter
    .___. A version of Barter's Target UI mod that also shows hero tooltips in the upper left with information on their spell cooldowns and other various details.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/barter_ui.package

    014 - The Useless Button by Tehwildcard
    .___. Adds a button to the community panel interface with a few useful buttons to displays things like your FPS or Ping.
    .___. ui/cc_panel.interface

    015 - Quick Stats in Game Lobby by Picklefish
    .___. A mod that displays a player's stats when you hover over their name.
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface

    016 - Colorblind Mod by Picklefish
    .___. A mod that changes the friendly/enemy colors to white and red from green and red.
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface
    .___. ui/tooltip_picklefish.package

    017 - Bigger Scoreboard by MaxGhost
    .___. A mod that increases the size of the scoreboard to allow larger hero icons.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    018 - Bard's Unitframes by Bard
    .___. Adds an additional style for the allied hero display in the upper left corner. Toggle between none, the default and Bard's custom style.
    .___. Also includes mods 009, 012 and 017.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/bard_unitframes.package
    .___. ui/bard_templates.package
    .___. ui/bard/unitframe_1.tga
    .___. ui/bard/unitframe_1_back.tga
    .___. ui/bard/ally_bard_over.tga

    019 - Another Scoreboard Mod by Lowboll
    .___. A scoreboard mod that makes the scoreboard more compact while still displaying all useful information.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    020 - Announcer Sound Mod by SimpleFear
    .___. An audio mod that allows you to change the announcer sounds to various different ones. Included is a version with the original Double Tap and Hat Trick sounds, the Quake sounds and the Female Quake sounds.
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/first_blood.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/double_kill.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/triple_kill.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/5_kills.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/6_kills.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/7_kills.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/8_kills.ogg
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/9_kills.ogg

    021 - Game Filter Mods by Picklefish
    .___. A couple mods that allow you to filter games by pings or based on 'Brasil' being in the game name.
    .___. ui/main_lobby.interface

    022 - DotA Item and Hero Icons by JJJones
    .___. Changes the Item and Hero icons to their respective DotA counterparts.
    .___. heroes\<HERO>\hero.entity
    .___. items\basic\<ITEM>\item.entity
    .___. items\recipes\<ITEM>\item.entity

    023 - T.U.B Music Player by Tehwildcard
    .___. Adds a music button to "The Useless Button" mod. Requires mod 014.

    024 - Brighter Cursor Mod by MaxGhost
    .___. A mod that increases the brightness of the targeting cursor.
    .___. core/cursors/action_ally_invalid.tga
    .___. core/cursors/action_ally_valid.tga
    .___. core/cursors/action_enemy_invalid.tga
    .___. core/cursors/action_enemy_valid.tga
    .___. core/cursors/action_invalid.tga
    .___. core/cursors/action_valid.tga

    025 - Quick Disconnect at Game End by MaxGhost
    .___. Adds a disconnect button that appears when the world tree or shrine dies.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. maxghost_endgame_disconnect.package

    026 - Hero Health and Mana Percentages by slime73
    .___. Adds Hero Health and Mana as a percentage above their health bars.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    027 - Behemoth Hero Icons by Nigma and Warchamp7
    .___. Changes all hero icons on the select screen to edited Behemoth versions by Nigma.
    .___. heroes/<HERO>/hero.entity

    028 - Cool Commands by Eccentrikit
    .___. Allows you to send certain messages using numpad keys. Also has an option to turn on and off Soulstealer keybinds.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. button/button.tga

    029 - Main Menu Button Mod by MaxGhost
    .___. Replaces the Ranked Play button with a button to return you to the Main Menu.
    .___. ui/main_lobby.interface

    030 - PSR Filter in Game Lobby by Fatal510
    .___. Allows you to filter players in the game lobby based on their PSR. You can add exceptions to your limits as well.
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface

    031 - Japanese Translation by BaronJames
    .___. Adds a Japanese language option to the game.
    .___. core_jp.resources
    .___. stringtables\interface_jp.str
    .___. stringtables\game_messages_jp.str
    .___. stringtables\entities_jp.str
    .___. stringtables\client_messages_jp.str
    .___. core\fonts\game_jp.ttf
    .___. ui\main.interface

    032 - No Questions Asked by eNTi
    .___. Adds a button to the top right corner that will instantly disconnect you when left clicked and instantly exit the game when you right click with no questions asked.
    .___. ui\game.interface
    .___. ui\nqa_button.package
    .___. ui\nqa\nqa_button_simple.tga
    .___. ui\nqa\nqa_button_skull.tga

    033 - V.O.I.P Slider by MaxGhost
    .___. Adds boxes that slide onto the screen when an ally talks. The boxes are color coded and have the player and hero names.
    .___. ui\game.interface
    .___. ui\MaxGhostVOIPSLIDE.package

    034 - Channel Loader by blackAngel88
    .___. Allows you to auto-join up to six channels.
    .___. ui/main_lobby.interface
    .___. ui/bAChannelLoadermod.package

    035 - Minimap Right-Click Toggle by MaxGhost
    .___. Adds a button for toggling on/off being able to right-click the minimap.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    036 - Choose your Destiny by Fitzfuchs
    .___. Adds a 'Choose your Destiny' sound effect when you enter the hero select screen.
    .___. ui/game_hero_select.interface
    .___. shared/sounds/announce/destiny.wav

    037 - Single Draft List by Eccentrikit
    .___. Adds a button that lists your hero picks in Single Draft mode.
    .___. ui/game_hero_select.interface
    .___. ui/sd_lister.package

    038 - Improved UI by Barter
    .___. A super customizable interface mod by Barter.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/barter_ui.package
    .___. ui/barterui/button.tga

    039 - Added Warcraft Voices by Zejety
    .___. Adds voices to some heroes using clips from Warcraft 3.

    040 - Automatic Ability Learning by Notausgang
    .___. A mod that allows you to queue up abilities to automatically learn whenever you level.
    .___. removelast.cfg
    .___. space.cfg
    .___. /ui/auto_ability.package
    .___. /ui/game.interface

    041 - In-Game Font Size Mod by pollotedax
    .___. Changes the size of the in-game text.
    .___. ui/game_chat.package

    042 - Encyclopedia by Notausgang
    .___. This mod adds an encyclopedia window to the Clan & Community Panel allowing you to quickly access detailed information about heroes, items and chat terms from anywhere.
    .___. escape.cfg
    .___. ui/encyc/*
    .___. ui/cc_panel.interface
    .___. ui/cc_encyc_ability_tooltip.package
    .___. ui/cc_encyc_hero_info_panel.package
    .___. ui/cc_encyclopedia.package
    .___. ui/encyclopedia_search.cfg
    .___. stringtables/interface_en.str

    043 - Right-Click Close Notifications by MaxGhost
    .___. A simple mod that allows you to close notifications by right clicking them.
    .___. ui/cc_panel.interface
    .___. ui/MaxGhostRightClickNotificationToClose.package

    044 - Easy Chat Toggle by MaxGhost
    .___. This mod changes the All/Team chat drop down box to a simple toggle button that switches between the two.
    .___. ui/game_chat.package

    045 - Arachna Autocast Toggle by Ape3000
    .___. This mod makes it so pressing Q as Arachna will toggle the autocast on/off for her Webbed shot.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    046 - Announcer Mod by Kizozen
    .___. A mod that changes all the announcer phrases to the same ones used in DotA. Also changes the in-game phrases as well.
    .___. shared/sounds/announcer/*
    .___. stringtables/game_messages_en.str
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/game_hero_select.interface

    047 - Bard's UI by Bard
    .___. An extensive UI modification with it's own system menu. Custom Unitframes are among other features soon to come.
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/cc_panel.interface
    .___. ui/bard_game.package
    .___. ui/bard_cc_panel.package
    .___. ui/bard_templates.package

    048 - Large Clan Stutter Fix by Slime73
    .___. A mod that stops the clan list from refreshing. This prevents stuttering when the list refreshes for large clans.
    .___. ui/ui_items.package

    049 - Start/Disband Game Color Change by MaxGhost
    .___. Alters the color of the Disband Game and Start Game buttons.
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface
    .___. ui/ui_items.package

    050 - Automatic Hero Stats
    .___. A simple mod that automatically levels up stats when your other abilities are maxed.
    .___. ui/tooltip_ability_levelup.package

    051 - Banlist Assist by Ice_Phoenix
    .___. Makes banning easier and provides automatic ban templates.
    .___. ui/game_menu.interface

    052 - Persistent Game Settings by Darkager
    .___. Remembers your game settings so you don't have to set them every time you go to create a game.
    .___. ui\game_setup.package

    053 - Tiny UI by FreshM
    .___. A minimalistic UI that removes much of the interface bulk.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    054 - Automatic Scoreboard Slide Out by Fitzfuchs
    .___. A simple mod that slides the scoreboard out into it's small state upon game start
    .___. ui/game.interface

    055 - Rune Timer by picklefish
    .___. A mod that reminds you and your team to check the rune every 2 minutes.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    056 - Don't Deselect by Shirokko
    .___. A mod that doesn't hide the target when they enter fog. Note: It does not update while they are in fog, just retains the information.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    057 - Cleaner Battles by MaxGhost
    .___. A simple mod that removes the black space behind creep healthbars
    .___. ui/alt_info.interface

    058 - Hero Teams by Dynamiczny
    .___. A simple mod that displays a hero's team above their healthbar.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    059 - Tower Denier by Dynamiczny
    .___. Displays text below tower healthbars stating that they're deniable.
    .___. ui/alt_info_building.interface

    060 - DotA Keys by Valentin
    .___. A mod that changes the spell hotkeys for heroes to what they are in DotA.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    061 - Spell Channeling Bar by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Adds an indication bar for channeling spells
    .___. ui/game.interface
    .___. ui/channel_bar_mod.package

    062 - 2D Hero Portraits by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Changes the hero portrait at the bottom to the Hero's icon instead of a 3D view.
    .___. ui/game.interface

    063 - Shop Tooltip Remover by deweylewie
    .___. Shortens the shop tooltips so they don't obstruct your view
    .___. ui/game_shop_v3.package

    064 - Bang! CC Timers by Bangerz
    .___. Gives timer bars for all allies, allowing you to better co-ordinate and time abilities in teamfight situations
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    065 - Disband Game Position Swap by Jager
    .___. Swaps the position of the Disband Game and Start Game buttons in the lobby.
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface

    066 - Bang! Buddies by Bangerz
    .___. A mod that automatically request locks and shares couriers with your buddies
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface

    067 - Enhanced Test Window by Sephinator
    .___. Adds some additional functionality to the Test Window
    .___. ui/game.interface

    068 - Staff of the Master Information by MrQuack
    .___. Changes the tooltips of spells that are boosted by Staff of the Master to display what bonuses the Staff will grant
    .___. stringtables/entities_en.str

    069 - Bangin' UI by Bangerz
    .___. A compilation of a number of mods by Bangerz.
    .___. ui/alt_info_hero.interface

    070 - Practice Mode Hero/Item Name changer by NiGHTsC
    .___. Change all internal names of Heroes and Items to their current names such as Yogi to WildSoul and Damage10 to Mock of Brilliance
    .___. stringtables/entities_en.str
    .___. heroes/(Hero)/hero.entity
    .___. items/(Item)/item.entity

    071 - Quick Start by Suky_Watafa
    .___. Locks any players on your buddy list, auto-balances the teams and starts the game
    .___. ui/game_lobby.interface

    072 - Reserved by Keshoon

    073 - Easy Ability Descriptions by ZenMasta
    .___. Simplifies ability descriptions so it's easier to see what it does.
    .___. stringtables/entities_en.str

    074 - Alternate Menu Screen by Warchamp7
    .___. Changes the main menu background to the illustration by S2Aaron
    .___. ui/main.interface

    075 - Instant Quit by magnets
    .___. Removes the little jingle when you quit the game
    .___. ui/main.interface
    .___. ui/game_menu.interface

    076 - BooBoo Name Changer by DoomGuy
    .___. Changes the name of Wildsoul's bear back to Booboo

    077 - Buddy Follow by __VIking
    .___. Adds a right-click menu option that allows you to fallow your buddies into games automatically.

    078 - MiniMap Misclick Manager by Montis
    .___. Adds a non-clickable area to the top and the right borders of the minimap to help avoid misclicks.

    079 - Better Server Browser by Darkager
    .___. Replaces the create game server browser with a smarter, more efficient and user-friendly version.

    080 - Chat Modifier by Tisser
    .___. Lets you use Shift+Enter to send the chat text to the opposite mode (All/Team) selected.

    081 - Mini UI by FearParanoia
    .___. Smaller user interface, inspired by TinyUI.

    082 - Better CC Stats Fetch Button by Tisser
    .___. Improves the fetch button in the stats panel to give focus to the username box once it's pressed, and shows you your stats if the textbox is empty

    083 - Leave Team/Disconnect button by Tisser
    .___. During game countdown your disconnect button will turn into a "leave your team" button and do exactly that if pressed.

    084 - Create Game Templates by Darkager
    .___. Allows you to fully configure 5 create game templates (including game name) and will remember your settings.

    085 - Day Night Cycle Mod by Montis
    .___. Plays a rooster sound on dawn and a wolf howl on dusk and displays a tooltip with day time information when you mouse over the day/night cycle image.

    086 - Stash Indicator by Tisser
    .___. Draws a blue border around shop items you currently have in your stash.

    087 - Scoreboard Toggle Hotkey by Ignorance
    .___. Allows for the scoreboard to be toggled with a hotkey defined in the control options.

    088 - Player Names by wuuh_riddle
    .___. Displays player names, level and health and mana as a percent along with their healthbars.

    089 - Cursors Package by Kyll3R
    .___. Package of cursors for HoN.

    090 - Portrait Swap by Ignorance
    .___. Allows you to swap with someone by clicking their portrait.

    091 - Custom Player Colors by Montis
    .___. Lets you customize the color for each player with RGB sliders.

    092 - Bang! Kongor Timer by Bangerz
    .___. Plays a sound to remind you when Kongor revives

    093 - Right Click Deny by Ignorance
    .___. Allows you to right click allied creeps to deny them.

    094 - Options Menu in the CC Panel by Ignorance
    .___. Adds the options menu to the CC panel (F6 menu)

    095 - Multiselect Hotkeys by Ignorance
    .___. Some special hotkeys for managing multiple units.

    096 - In-Game Patch Notes by Sephinator
    .___. Changes the Create Account button to show the patch notes.

    097 - Extended Tooltips by robrobo
    .___. Adds additional information to item tooltips such as the effective HP boost or DPS it will grant.

    098 - Improved Locks by Ignorance
    .___. Lets you lock players instead of slots; Wherever a player is locked, his lock will move with him.

    099 - Slim Replay Interface by duker
    .___. A smaller version of the replay control interface

    999 - HoN Mod Manager
    .___. Mod 999 is used by the HoN Mod Manager to apply mods
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    The Modification Repository (cont.)

    100 - Server Name Tooltips by blackAngel88
    .___. Displays a tooltip when you hover over a game that displays the full name.

    101 - Cooldown Shop Timers by PHEN
    .___. Shows the cooldown of shop items as a value on the icon.

    102 - Stash In Shop by AsiaPingPong
    .___. Removes the stash from the bottom right corner of the screen, and attaches it to the shop.

    103 - Ally Skill Bars by Barter
    .___. Adds four bars below your allies' healthbars for their ability status.

    104 - Respawn Timers by Barter
    .___. Slide down boxes when an enemy dies. Alerts just you through chat when an enemy has respawned.

    105 - Fast Share by Barter
    .___. Adds a button on your hero portrait on the top-left that you can click to share/unshare the courier with everyone.

    106 - Spectator UI by Barter
    .___. A customized spectator interface.

    107 - Reserved by Barter

    108 - Bigger Creep Health Bars by kevs926
    .___. Makes the health bars thicker and disables the name frame when you mouse over lane creeps.

    109 - Last Hit Assist by taion
    .___. Adds a little tick to the creep hp bars indicating a best guess of the active hero's damage.

    110 - Next Tip by Ignorance
    .___. Makes it so you can click the loading tip to view another one letting you view multiple tips while loading.

    111 - Blacksmith Random Button by Montis
    .___. Plays a Blacksmith line when you use the random button.

    112 - Ninja Host Detector by Ignorance
    .___. Places a 5 second countdown next to anyone who is locked and then unlocked within a two second time frame.

    113 - Chat Panel Fixed by slime73
    .___. Updates the CC chat panel to match the lobby button look.

    114 - Full Game Notifier by Ignorance
    .___. Gives you a notification when the game fills up and when all of the slots are taken.

    115 - Ultimate Replay UI by Yunak
    .___. Replaces the minimized state of the Replay interface with a 'media player'-like UI.

    116 - Chat Modifier Fix by Ignorance
    .___. Shift modifier only goes off if shift is the last button pressed before enter.

    117 - RPG Keys
    .___. Adds some additional keybinds to make the game behave more like a standard RPG.

    118 - Quit on Click [RESERVED]
    .___. Removes the "Are you sure?" dialog completely.

    119 - Default Channel Leaver [RESERVED]
    .___. Automatically leaves channels with names like "HoN 1" or "Match 20670423"

    120 - Tower Range Indicator by Sephinator
    .___. Shows the attack range of all towers that are alive and not in shroud.

    121 - Heartbeat Mod by robrobo
    .___. When your hero's health drops below 20% the border of Hon will flash red and you will hear a heartbeat.

    122 - Extended Shop by robrobo
    .___. Saves the shop position and which shop is open.
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