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    Junglin' Dampeer?

    Hey, i just tried junglin with dampeer on practice, grabbed axe, shield and runes
    with his lifesteal passive first, and i was surprised to see he was quite effective as a jungler, but again, it was practice mode. Since he's a quite easy carry IMO,
    its not that long to get items, and can escape if cornered with flight and a TP quite easily too.

    Instead of the regular build, id go full lifesteal, abyssal or parasite, grab shards,
    armor isnt that important due to the leech that, if im right, stacks?

    Meaning the 30% lifesteal from skills + the lifesteal from items stacks to 45% or so? please confirm.

    so at level 6, u start stacking essences from creeps, when fulfilled, pop in lane.

    If ur team has rune control when ur about to jump in, hope for a lucky haste rune, and wreck them hard carries.

    Any suggestions, comments or F*ck me opinions?

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    i find it viable but he can do just as fine in a lane. the thing with him jungling is that if the enemy teams jumps u early you cant really do much to get away. definitely works but he destroys lanes so either way is fine.

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    Nice. thanks for the quick reply.
    but the fact that, if left uninterrupted, you also help your partner solo-laning, in 5v5 for example. two heroes that gain more xp and cash.

    Lets say arach soloing top lane, dampeer junglin plus BH middin, DS and EW dual lanin.
    its a wreckless team, no tanky sonovabee what so ever, but with good teamworking,
    Arach would smack from mid-game, BH pawns mid-game, the DS and EW dual-lanin bottom can mess up enemy junglin with her traps and DS can support her ass off.

    I gotta try it out. anyone?

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    Effective at level 1 without the pull (like normal junglers)? No. He's good once he can get a source of mana regen and all three Essences (farm with skills not autoattacks). Lifesteal is also a late game skill that isn't worth leveling early over other skills as you'll be a dead weight mid game.

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    Good in low level games where people ignore you in the woods and dont know how to shut down a solo side laner.

    in high level games where the jungler NEEDS to gank for the solo its not that viable since you are almost always fairly low hp and you arent maxing your nukes earlier.

    also you farm really slow early on and you will generally hit level 2 right as the 2 enemies in lane do or afterwards and they can just come into the jungle and smash you with 60% hp

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    Jungle dampeer is one of the worst things you can do with dampeer. It's unbearably slow and you'll always end up underfarmed

    not to say that I've never done it, I believe my last damp game I jungled, rushed an alch bones and completely took over the game later.. But even in that game my farm for the first 10 minutes was extremely slow, and I am actually one of the much more efficient jungle players.

    IF you jungle dampeer, he does NOT need a lifesteal pickup, level 1 in lifesteal is more than enough to get through jungling early. Max out your flight (w) so you can be spamming it on creeps early on to help you heal and take out stacks earlier on (you should be maxing flight earlier on regardless anyway if you're playing dampeer correctly so there's no difference here). If you're hellbent on making jungle damp work, then what you want early on is attack speed to speed up your farm. the best way is steamboots+arcana early on (which will turn into spellshards or hellflower later), and consider getting a bottle to help rune control and allow you to spam your skills earlier to farm that jungle COULd do alch bones if you think no one is going to gank you at all, but in general it takes way too much time to save up for damp, jungle damp is like jungle pred early on, only wAY worse and much slower.

    Lastly, you're completely playing your hero wrong if you're jungling with dampeer, dampeer THrIVEs off snowball ganking early with his nukes; your main goal SHOULD be to get to level 6 as fast as possible, then get 3 essences As fast as possible, and them snowball gank rape the entire game by just getting out of hand much like a pebbles mid would. Going jungle damp completely goes against your objective in several ways: you level EXTREMELY slow compared to just staying in lane, you end up wasting early skill points to skill your lifesteal aura, delaying your peak burst potential even later, and you also farm extremely slow and are VERY vulnerable to ganks; if they decide to come gank you anytime the first 10 min you're pretty much Fukien dead, no way around it.

    that team you suggested is also probably one of the worst lineups I've ever heard lol, you basically have zero aoe stuns except dampeer (who is in the jungle getting horrible farm) and all five of your heroes are somewhat squishy, it's just a recipe for disaster lol..

    tl;dr - don't jungle with dampeer. Learn to play the game first, when you get better maybe you can try it for some laughs, but trying it as a serious strat is horrible and very retarded because it's as slow as fkcu and completely counteracts the main reason for picking dampeer in the first place (snowball ganking extremely early and taking over the game). Don't do it.

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    You can jungle with glacius, whether or not it is optimal is the real question.

    I'd say no for dampeer as the farm is too slow and he'd need to level his life steal early to jungle effectively

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raich3 View Post
    Lets say arach soloing top lane, dampeer junglin plus BH middin, DS and EW dual lanin.
    Any decent players would rape solo lane arachna so hard and bh is very useles hero.

    Dampeer can be jungled, but hes much better in 1v1 mid lane. He can kill almost any hero 1v1 easily. He has crazy burst dmg early game with low cds. Imo dont jungle dampeer, go mid, snowball and win games fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echelon View Post
    You can jungle with glacius, whether or not it is optimal is the real question.
    You can get a fast level two and come back to lane.

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    Jungle dampeer makes me even more sad, you are wasting the heroes gank and kill leveling lifesteal, dampeer needs a level advantage more than a farm advantage as do all snowball heroes

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    If you want to jungle don't pick dampeer. If you want to solo mid and rape face, pick dampeer.

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