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    Another ophelia thread

    Ophelia is that avoided hero in the lower brackets. Like many I've tried to explore the unexplored waters.

    But she's just a mess. The hard thing with her isn't just her micromanagement, it's that she has to do EVERYTHING.

    Farm, gank, ward, counterward, push, and to top it all off she has a global ulti (making you need to keep a keen eye on the situation all across the map at all times).

    I really can't manage to balance this. I try to gank, but they've warded the place (which you often don't expect at ~1500 mmr) so they just go back as soon as I come close. So I try to roam a bit to gank but since she has such incredibly poor initiation ability and the enemies are cautious, I can't manage to catch them.

    So then I try to conuterward a bit. I roam around some more. Now I've spent so much time in the river I'm 2 levels below everyone else.

    It's really like S2 were like "let's try to make the hardest hero even thinkable". Ugh

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    In the case you pick Ophelia, try and got a soft support hero on your team, like a Magmus or a Behemoth. Once they get their Ring of Sorcery and a PK, they'll be able to help on wards/counterwards.

    In these lowly brackets, Ophelia can do a nice job if you just make your presence known. As you farm in the jungle, send a dominated Minotaur (or w/e one you think is scariest) out to a spot where your opponents can see it, but make it so it looks like you're preparing to gank. This will make enemies in that lane back up, relieving pressure on your allies in that lane. And once you've lulled them into a false sense of security, that's when you go at them!

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    There's a great Ophelia guide around here somewhere. I managed to pull off a level 1 gank and bloodlust by following it. She's a really rewarding hero if you can play her right.
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    Carcharhinus is right.
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    I was really taken aback by just how strong the minotaur actually is the one time I played ophelia. Like, the sheer ganking power of dat stun.

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    look up the player touchdeath and watch his replays
    In this world gone mad, we won't spank the EM players, the EM players will spank us.

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    Play starcraft 2, get good, come back and ull have no problem micro managing and map awareness. Warding, it just comes to u as u play. Im pretty sure theres a premium guide on map awareness and warding. EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE!

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