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    Hero Teaser: Draconis

    The ancient guardian arose, stirred from his centuries of slumber by the cries of help from its creator – the Worldtree. He slowly shook the treasure loose from his scales and took flight – The Demons would soon find that even they could burn in the flames of Draconis, the Great Wyrm.

    Draconis is a fragile ranged agility carry hero that specializes in area denial, blanketing the entire battlefield in flames and melting foes unfortunate enough to be caught within. He is a crafty little dragon that will be sure to punish those foolish enough to attempt chasing him down.

    Abilities Teaser


    Blazing Flight

    Fiery Barrage

    Cataclysmic Assault

    Draconis will be scorching the land of Newerth in the upcoming hero spotlight!
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    nice i will be w8ing for that one

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    Hmmm, looks interesting.

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    i'm a dragon

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    Looks awesome

    reminds me of Vael from BWL

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    Dude looks smug as hell.

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    Edit: Damnit.

    OT: looks good though.

    Thanks for the sig Lhune <3
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    He's got that look when you fart right in someones face and you know they won't do anything about it.
    Cool hero.

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    first page needs more youtube

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    Looks fine..

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    Uhm, gief epic black evil avatar

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    1. Does he use dragon shouts?
    2. Is he the World-Eater?
    3. Is his dragonfire the same as Pyro's dragonfire?
    4. Will there be a future dragonborn hero to counter Draconis?

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    Ree hee hee healy

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    NExt hero to counter it will have an ability called Fus Ro Dah ?

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    fragile dragon? this is offensive to dragons everywhere...

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    finaly a dragon ?

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    2 week schedule back???

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    Oh panda u got ur signature <3
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    we are still waiting for dragon knight.

    dragon knight should have this head -->

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