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    BANGMIA doesn't work

    Yesterday i have dl bangmia addon, but he doesn't work this is the error...

    File "ui/game_chat.package"referenced at line 12 of C:\ProgramFiles\HeroesofNewhert\game\mods\BangMIA. honmod\mod.xml not found

    i think the addon have a problem because i have others addon and work correctly.

    So anyone have a link for call MIA valkary mid ecc...

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    You should post this in the MOD forum instead of GD.

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    Don't use mods, all they do is make idiots like you cry in the forums when they stop working and mess up your client.

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    Call the police

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    the mia mod sucks, just saying bot mia is not useful information to your team

    you need to say which hero is missing, and what level he is, in addition to whether he might be going for the rune or he might be ganking since he lost his lane

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    So many non-helpful trolls on here.

    No one cares about what you think of mods in general

    Or how you feel about the mod in the sense that it is useful or ineffective, typical scrub hon players.

    I don't think this new mod works with the new patch. Not yet at least.

    Many of them became non-functional.

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