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    The damage on his stun could afford to be buffed slightly, but i think the main problem is with alot of the old dota heroes they have totaly garbage intel/gain.

    Meaning you need more than just a powersupply to be able to even use your stun effectivly in a prolonged fight.

    For example pestilence at level 7 has 312 mana cthuluphant has 390 and as they go up in levels this gap only widens. For a hero with a 8 seconds cd stun to only be able to cast it twice along with his other spell and then be totaly out of mana at lv 7 is ok but the fact he has 1.5 intel gain means hes stuck with no manapool for the duration of the game.

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    The issue is the complete disregard for mana management that many S2 designs can get away with, not the hero itself. His mana isn't that bad if you use it conservatively seeing how his stun is one of the cheapest AoE stuns in the game, it's just that he can't liberally spam his abilities (other than his ultimate) to farm while many other heroes can. He also has a drawback to his mobility skill which shouldn't be a big deal (if dozens of other heroes didn't have mobility skills that doubled as nukes or stuns and had no drawbacks). I feel like the patch in which they made -armor no longer affect Kongor because of Sol's Bulwark weakened Pestilence more so than other heroes with some smaller -armor abilities since it was such a huge part of the hero. It's not just some aura or a neat thing on top of a nuke/scouting ability/whatever but a hero-defining ultimate which was rendered impotent by both that change and Sol's Bulwark being implemented in general.

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    In the era of no-drawback heroes, the +damage on Flight seems unnecessarily punitive. Maybe if it were -20/15/10/5% damage dealt instead... at least then pesti could initiate without being mince meat. He is really not a beefy hero, and with the need for a fairly expensive core (PK + SH), he has trouble rushing tanky items like some other str heroes.

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    The hero also has utility problems in that he offers almost none to a team.

    I wouldn't mind seeing his ultimate changed so it gives you the enemy unit's vision for the duration, rather than vision around the enemy.

    This would allow you to see nearby enemy invis heroes, traps and wards. It's a nuanced and situational change, which is the sort of change that most suits a mostly well balanced hero like pesti...

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    I am aware of the fact that his ultimate reduces armor, which makes his W hit harder than 200, but really it is an ultimate for a reason.

    Please elaborate on this...
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    Pestilence's Ult, but instead affecting a line/aoe like Weaver's Swarm.

    Sounds incredibly S2, but at the same time I'm aroused.

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    Any reasoning as to why Pesti's ult no longer reduces Kongor's armor? As far as I know, minus armor working on Kongor was taken away in an effort to make Kongor stronger and more of a risk. I say, let Pesti's ult reduce Kongor's armor again, even if it's just 50%.
    This gives him another unique niche. As far as I'm concerned, that would give you an incentive to pick Pesti over other hero's such as Cthulu or Kraken, without breaking any other part of his gameplay.

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    Sure it would be hilarious if we got to see the -armor strats with pesti, andro and SS again. I miss them. BUT Pestilence doesn't need any kinds of buffs, and while we're at it, we only saw -armor strats on the Hellbourne side for a reason. Making Pesti's -armor affect Kongor is an indirect buff to Hellbourne as well, which isn't needed.

    While we're at it 2: It sure would be nice with reasoning rather than just saying "should buff his ult -8 -12 -16".
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    I don't really see why its needed to get more dmg on impale..
    Impale have only 8 sec CD and stuns for 2.5 u gonna tell me that this is called? Weak?!
    I do not approve of the impale dmg change.. ( but tho think that it needs to cost a slightly less mana. )

    The swarm for that matter is just to easy to get rid of... Either they should reduse CD from 10 to 8 or the more OP way.. Make it unable to be dispelled..

    Great thread BTW..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordTroll View Post
    I concur with your suggestions.

    250 damage on max level stun and the code to make the ult undisjointable like WS and Pyro's ult is imperative to bring him back into the game.
    I think u r right. Just a little increase at his second skill's damage and an undisjointable ulti would make him good enough. But i think his second skill should be scalled so it ends at 260 or 280 physical damage, because heroes usually have a lot of armor at high levels. And i know that his skill would synergise at a powerful way with his ulti but just look at nomad's 2nd and 3rd skill. Enough said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by china View Post
    Pestilence's Ult, but instead affecting a line/aoe like Weaver's Swarm.

    Sounds incredibly S2, but at the same time I'm aroused.
    So you think givnig him an over powered version of Desham's uilti will make him more "balanced"

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