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    UI-MOD:See-through Diablo style minimap

    well as the title suggests i would like to see an UI mod that allows a rough representation of the minimap in the middle of the display (where you are usually looking).
    it should be a rough, near invisible map only made of lines and some dots for the players. very much like the map in diablo2, wich i found perfect for orientation but not obstructing the view of the game.
    the usual minimap should still be there at all times for pinging and of course to see creeps and such.

    this would make it easier for casual players to see if they get ganked and still be able to last-hit. maybe with an added toogle to activate and de-activate the map.
    is such a thing possible? is it even allowed? all it basically would do is make it easier to watch into the corner and back to the main screen. also it would make the game far more easier for less skilled players (noobs :-))like me.

    if the idea is bad or not allowed just delete the thread. if it is possible maybe someone wants to make it :-)
    just i thought that just jumped into my mind.
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    So noone thinks this is useful? or isn´t it possible?
    maybe some suggestions to making map awareness more easily available for noobs(like me)?

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    you can reposition everything with mini ui and movable frames (which are in game now i think)... i have my map on the middle and its awesome.

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    but doesnt that make lasthitting and teamfights kinda problematic? but i will try that of course :-)

    i tried it and it isn´t what i want. it´s not bad but i still think a completely seethroug extra minimap that can sit completely in the middle would be nice.
    but thanks nonetheless
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    humm i just wanna see if i can do it, but i guess i could allow a resizable minimap with opacity"not really sure how to do that with miniamp" but just seetings elements noclick="true" passivechildern="true" should set it up to be able to click though it
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <panel name="miniui_map" noclick="true" passivechildern="true" width="0" height="0">
      <map name="minimap" 
    then i guess something that would set texture opacity not sure if that is something haven't seen it before atleast, after that to make it more d2 ish i guess you need a custom miniamp, one that's essetnaly like the dark minimap just shows units and trees
    obv that is for miniui but holds the same remove the ability to click it, then make it transparent, which i can only think of one way which would be to edit the .dds file to be have the minimap see thoughish because ionno of any command to change the opacity of textures, but then again i don't know much.

    The last part would be to wite code to center on your hero in the minimap which would be the hardest part i suppose
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