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    How to use this section

    What to Post in this Section:

    This section is to be used to post modification related questions including but not limited to:
    • Assistance with making modifications (how to use programs/tools/access files etc.
    • Assistance with finding a modification: Note, please use the associated sticky for this instead of creating a new thread.
    • Assistance with using a modification or if you are having errors with a modification.
    • Anything modification related within reason.

    What NOT to Post in this Section:

    This section is NOT to be used for the following:

    • Modification requests (please use the request subforum for this).
    • How to hack the client.
    • Non-Heroes of Newerth related modifications.
    • "Best Modification"/"What do you think of X modification". These are opinion based and are of no particular use.
    • How to do things with the client that breach ingame rules (zooming out camera/map hacks etc)

    Please refrain from trolling or spamming on this forum, it is intended to help people in the community create new and better content for the game.

    For any further questions you may ask or if you have something that needs a pressing answer, you can join the modifications IRC channel #honlabs on the S2games irc server: (port 6667)

    The aim of this section is to (hopefully) stop these questions being asked in the sections where modifications are posted and to reduce clutter in the main modification section. The "Ask a Mod Related Question, Get an Answer" thread will be closed (however it will not be deleted so people may use the resources already posted there) as all questions may now be posted here instead.

    NOTE: Forum rules apply here as in any other section of the forum, please refrain from breaching them.
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