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    Scare prank links

    well, i wanted to scare a friend and send him a link. ofc he already knew the site. so he send me the following and said "it still will scare you hf".
    he was not lying, just read it and expect a scare, i think you still will **** your pants.

    if you know any other, that are not so well know, link it pls.

    have a nice day

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    There has already been a thread with that one in the OP.

    But I admit, I wasn't prepared for it the first time I read it. I don't think I was prepared the few other times I've read it afterwards either, though.
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    Not really scary if you ask me, I'm used to that stuff.

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    third or fourth time its had its own thread?

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    Reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts are taking it a bit far, I'm afraid.

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