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    How do I beat turtlers?

    They just sit in their base and wear us down if we try to take their base. One of their barracks has fallen, but we have one guy who had to go. 50 minutes in, this is so damn annoying.

    Flint (AFK)


    Forsaken Archer

    Grimm's crossing, by the way.
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    Well, after an hour of making flint suicide bomb their base, we won.

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    Well turtling is basically an anti-gank and anti-push defensive strat usually at late game.

    To counter:
    - try hunting just one down and kill him with your whole team. in late game, a 4 v 5 or 2 v 3 is gg!
    - keep pushing all the lanes and try and unlock super creeps. You must continue suppressing them. if you fail, they will attempt to push back
    - you can go for a quick kong

    Just dont screw up by staying metres away their base. Thats where i c alot of pushing teams fail by taking the fight to their base and losing the game

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    Split pushes are your friend. If you have an advantage, you can put one hero in each lane and push. They cannot defend all three at the same time (if you have the advantage) especially with a lane down.

    Either that, or you take kong (which should be easy with all lanes pushed up).
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    yea, talking about 3 lane pushing and kongor killing in a grimms crossing thread....


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    get sheepstick+pk on Pyro = Flint dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggi View Post
    get sheepstick+pk on Pyro = Flint dead
    The enemy had Pyro. His team was the one with Flint.

    The only solution I can think of is Portal Keys. A PK on both Bubbles and Legio for a perfect Bubb's ult and Taunt follow up, or maybe vice-versa. Either way, you need to get at least Pyro + 1 other. They should both be silenced by Bubbles, getting eviscerated by Whirling Blade, Pyro gets the axe, then you both focus the low health hero that is still left. If you failed to get all 3, you need to now turn your attention to that one and hope she can't 1v2 you. Good initiation, catching the enemy totally unawares even if that means right under their own tower, is the key. Turtling is an attempt to force the enemy to fight on your terms; Portal Keys allow you to defeat this by starting a fight from a standpoint of total surprise.

    But yeah, it should be noted that turtling doesn't always work so well in 5v5s on Caldavar, for good reason. Split pushing is much more viable, and pushing with a token after a Kongor kill is probably the mainstay strategy of turtle-breaking. I never play Grimm's, but thinking about it now I can see how turtling is much more viable there.

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    Best strat for turtlers ive found is to simply not push to their base. If its caldavar simply (if there legion) push mid lane, then while you are doing that have someone take there jungle, when u are finished usually bot is pushed from them so go push it back, jungle shouldve respawn by now, go back and take that, the whole time interchanging between those 2 lanes, do not go top unless it is pressing one of your own towers. this way, you keep getting money/xp while the enemy just sit in there base, if they come out, gank them if possible, after everyone has lvld/itemed up go push and win cause they wont have hardly any farm compared to you guys. This has succeeded far more times than split lane pushing or kong + trying to break turtle, hell to make it almost unstoppable do this, then kong, then push a lane. gg

    Edit* Grimms lol. >> Its even easier, have 2 people stacking jungle while the third pushes each lane respectively without going near the base. Then just split the jungle or give it to the tank and/or carry, they will be really big now. etc etc profit.
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