Thread: Bloody Unicorn(v1.0) - Rampage alt remake.

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    Bloody Unicorn(v1.0) - Rampage alt remake.

    You cant use both Dark Knight and Unicorn.

    • Custom Model

    current version: 1.0


    alt avatar fix

    Initial Release

    Feedback appreciated, if there is some bug or anything let me know.
    Shoutout to people who watched creation of this on livestream. o/
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    hey it's super good
    but the size is so tiny make bigger please also dark knight
    u know it's rampage so bigger better i think THx a lot

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    Did you made thios model only for alternative avatar, its mode not for original model? Can do you make this model instead of original? I didnt found this model on practice ^^

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    The size of this alt is VERY SMALL, its not a matter of opinion, a hero cant be of the same size of a creep.
    Please Rean, make him bigger.
    Ur job is awesome!

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    The alt is perfectly fine in size. It's just the preview you see when selecting it that's tiny. Which doesn't really matter, so.

    Awesome work on the alt, definitely one of my favorites now.

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    Does not work:

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    haha this looks epic.. I'll have to test it later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash` View Post
    Does not work:
    HELP me or not?

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