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    connection failed

    I cannot log into HON anymore. When I try to log in I get this error message at the login screen: " Login failed:Connection Failed". When i open up the console and type 'login' i get this error message "CL: connecting to authentication server...
    Net. Request failed: Couldn't connect to server (Couldn't connect to host)
    CL: Disconnected from authentication server: Connection failed

    This happened to me out of the blue one day. I have looked around at other solutions and have seen people saying that it might be because of a firewall. I have had an exception in my firewall(even though it is turned off) for hon for about a year now. Please respond quickly... this coupled with the constant crashes is really trying my patience.

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    Hello Gumbot!

    Have you done anything recent to your computer (windows update, installs, router reset...) since the problem began?

    It sounds like your DNS cache may be out of date. Go to your command line prompt (Start->Run->cmd.exe) and type in ipconfig /flushdns .

    After that, do a ping -l 1300 -n 5000
    You should be getting a stream of information, with the last sequence being TTL=##. Nominal numbers are in the 50s. If you get any abberations, let me know.

    Leaving your firewall turned off is never a good idea from a security standpoint - so making sure your hon.exe is allowed and your firewall on is always preferred. If the above steps yield no solutions we'll walk through resetting your router and double checking your port forwarding.

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    I think it is time to move onto the router and port forwarding. I went into the command prompt and did the ipconfig /flushdns.. it seemed to work. I then did the ping and got 52 TTL,the problem was not fixed.

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    Alrighty, first I'm going to have you turn off your firewall. This will just be temporary.

    Next, you're going to need to go into your router settings. This is done through any browser. Typically its,, and a few others, depending on the manufacturer of the router. Consult your manual if needed. Log in (default login is ID = admin PW = password)

    Once you've successfully logged in, you'll need to find the Port Forwarding / Applications and Gaming tab of your router (the name varies, but you'll know you've found the right page when you see something similar to the link below).

    You'll need to allow outgoing traffic to ports TCP:80 (login/update), TCP:11031 (chatserver) and UDP:11235-11335 (game servers). Again, you can consult my image link. The label "IP ADDRESS" in the link refers to your LAN IP address (the internal IP the router assigns each computer on your network). You will need this address to correspond to your computer. You can verify this by one of two ways: the router has a DHCP client table (the manual should be able to tell you where to locate it) or you can go start->run->cmd.exe and type in ipconfig /all. The line you are looking for is your Local Area Connection IPv4 address.

    You will need to save these changes (which will momentarily reset your router). Try this and let me know if it has solved your issue. If it has, then turn your firewall back on, and try again. If it works with your firewall off, and it doesn't when you turn your firewall back on, then we need to make a few additional exceptions to your firewall rules to allow HoN.
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    I have found my way to the appropriate spot in my router, i went into my cmd.exe and did ipconfig/all but did not see a Local Area Connection IPv4 address. I am on windows xp if that helps at all.

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    I figured out what to put in the computer ip slot and then opened up the ports that are required for hon and the problem is still not fixed.

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    Can you upload for me your console.log from the last time you tried playing? Thanks! Directions for doing this can be found here:
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    Is that the right link?

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    It is now, my apologies, helping multiple people at once.

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    Are you running any antivirus software such as Norton, Avira, AVG, etc? If so turn them off. If that resolves the issue, then you need to add an exception for HoN in your antivirus (often they will have their own software-based firewalls).

    If this doesn't work, then please try uninstalling and reinstalling HoN.

    Let me know how it goes, thanks!

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    I uninstalled Norton and now i can log onto hon... sweet deal.

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    Glad we resolved your issue! I do recommend you have an antivirus software however, so re-installing Norton and allowing access to HoN would be the preferred setup.

    Take care! I'll be closing this thread.

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