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    Reached 1960+mmr with only solo queue and crappy inet.
    i can't see ability queue for some reason, but anyway max impalers/mounds asap, get 1 lvl in swarm if needed, it gives a lot dmg, mound level also decrease teleport cooldown from 120 to 60 seconds.

    Root from shudder can be used on magic immune heroes.

    Take shudder and tremble in one group, press Tab to swap between tremble/shudder selection.

    If you got shudder and summon shudder ability ready you can just send shudder on your enemy and summon new one when old is about to die for free dmg on enemy.

    Early on it's more profitable to buyback immediately if you die,if you got mound + teleport not on cooldown, especially if enemy is low hp and thinks he is safe.

    If you face some hero who got his bottle, you need to place at least one mound into rune spot when you got time, you need to not let those heroes to get runes.

    When you teleport into mound enemy can not see that you arrive unless he stands in that mound, use that wisely to make some ambushes near rune.

    If you got only one mound on rune and it's about to appear, send shudder to other rune spot, if rune is not near mound, kill it with shudder, lvl 1 shudder need 2 attacks to kill it, lvl 2 kills it with 1 attack.

    Use mounds to prevent tree jukes.

    If you are after some hero with ghost marchers, don't use root untill he uses them, this will increase your chance that he won't go away, same with Ra, wait till he throws meteor.
    When you get hellflower you need to place mounds on enemy territory, as much as possible, and catch weak heroes that will try to kill it.

    Don't use shrunken till you slow your enemy with impalers.

    If you got easy lane, get steam boots or even just red boots and go straight for mock/hellflower.

    If you got enough skill to controll shudder and can handle mid alone, you can send shudder to place mound in woods near lane so you can sit shudder there and gank when there is a good moment, also you will be able to tp there by yourself if needed.

    The only item you need for sucessfull push strategy are Plated greaves.

    Shuder reduces armor even on buildings.

    added 21.12.2011
    Shudder root cancels charge strikes, for example charge, it even works on when he is in magic immune form. Also you can stop rampage for some time when he grabs you with his ulti. grip is not canceled in any way. Also rooted units can not use their blink-like abilities. You can use shudder as a shield vs's hook or arrow.

    Heroes attacked by shudder can not use portal key like if they were attacked by hero. But at the same time shudder hits does not proc's ulti. Also shudder is not affected by 's stun.

    If you suspect enemy in sentry ward placed, just wait till you become invis and go infront of creeps for little time, if they attack you, ward is there and you need to counter it.

    If you stand in your mound, your enemy is outside of it, but suddenly you see that your are not faded and your invisibility is removed - get out immediately, there is invisible hero in your mound that gonna gank you.

    When you face , you can not win lasthit battle until there is no tree in his hand - you need to be aggressive vs with tree so he wastes his trees to hit you. You will regen anyway, but he will have to go get another tree or stay and have little dmg, either way, you win lasthits, also you can provoke him to use his root and easily avoid it if you are in your mound.

    If there is a forest hero in enemy team you can gimp his farm by putting mounds on top of camps, not only it blocks new spawns, but it takes lots of time to kill for heroes like

    You can reveal who just went invis near trees by putting mound and destroying those trees.

    added 7.1.2012, Steamboots are not so good pickup on tremble, because you need that untiwalking from phase boots, but if you somehow got them, it is possible to pick up energizer. Not only it will grant you some usefull stats and unitwalking every 45 sec, it also works on shudder and your allies, aswell as creeps, so your ganking and pushing potential raise by a lot, also its made from your starting item. It is possible to make some weird build of energizer + armor boots + meka for both ganking and pushing at a whole new level.
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    any questions/feedback appreciated.

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    good guide! you should add sols(neg) in luxury maybe

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    1763 is like 1930, yes?
    HELP me pls, im lost in these numbers!

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    1960 => 1730, after that there can be no comparsion.

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    Waste both buybacks early ? ಠ_ಠ

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    some new tips.

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    thank you for this guide ive been wanting to learn tremble =]

    i watched your last tremble game and was certainly impressed.

    porting aroud to runes really surpises the hell out of them.

    one question though, might be hard to answer

    but in team fights like... how do you know when to go in?

    LOL i always go in at the wrong time in the fight i might pick off one but illl get bursted down quickly shortly after even i have a **** ton of mounds aiding me. more like guerliaa tactics?

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    you need to wait till someone makes step in wrong direction, and when your team is ready, root him, fast place mound, start attacking, use your q and when you feel that they react with cc or aoe or some ****, you use shrunken, they still throw some aoes on you, here is where your team steps in and throws their spells on enemy and since guy you attack is slowed, he most likely die, then when shrunk ends you need to look who is alive and stuff.]
    if you got hellflower, you need to use it after root so mofo doesnt use his ulties or blink or w/e.
    you got 2 sec till your invis wears off when you leave mound so if you got that time to reach the guy, you can think he is out of position, i guess.
    if you mean early fights, you need to do the same, but when your Q wears off you go back, but leave shudder on enemy just for slow so your team can kill that guy.

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    ah that helps a lot, thank you! another problem i have is keeping his farm up. i can maintain 300gpm first 20 mins but after that i feel as if im just tryng to gank too much :/ farm with shudder more? or keep him close

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    Once you got helm phase boots and probably supply, you need to push at least first towers and put some mounds in enemy woods, to gank some supports or stop enemy carry farm. If they dont go too far for you to kill them, i prefer to farm enemy wood while spamming mounds on every spawn so they dont farm it when i have to leave, when they try to kill all mounds, they waste a lot of time on low gpm action and you can push another side by that time.
    Have mounds in some crucial places where enemy can come and gank so you see them before they gank you.
    If you gonna be under siege, you can send shudder with attack move on some other lane, so he push it and give you some farm and makes enemy miss that farm, when shudder is lvl 3 he can gather big enough crowd to kill towers.

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    kool thank you! =] ive been winning the past few tremble games by a landslide thanks to your tips! ive been running into one problem.. in between tabbing through it seems no matter who i have targeted itll send both units in the direction that i send them. when a lot of times i need to send my hero back & my shudder to slow them so i can get away. thus ill make the mistake of sending my dying hero towards the enemy team. is there a better way to micro?

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    i keep shudder with tremble in one group, but when i need to back only tremble i use F1, it selects only tremb, if im low, i send him to fountain and then manually switch to shudder to micro him further while tremb runs to well. To fast select shudder i do 1, then tab to shudder, then C to center camera on him, i got only 70-90 apm, and its really easy to do.
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    anyone with their own tricks on tremble?

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    Just a 1500 noob here but tremble is by far my most played and fav hero, in mid lane when reached lvl 6 vs blink heros like valk send your shrudder behind their towers (all the way around so they cant see it obviously) so when they blink away on low hp you can catch and kill them with your shrudder

    same goes for when they are farming somewhere mid or late game. send your shrudder far behind them and use it to catch them when they blink away. at 1500 it is ofcourse way more obvious to where people will blink to but for me this works really well

    also in both bot and top lane are 2 spots where you can place mounds far into the woods where people almost never notice them (close to the outposts). placing a hidden mound on this spot in easy lane before the game started will almost always guarantee an easy kill / double tap after you picked up boots and make your teammates win the easy lane

    once shrudder reached lvl 2 its also great to use it in enemy woods to steal their farm or annoy their junglers. in teamfights use shrudder on unarmed opponents without mana so they become useless while you focus on the harder targets with your teammates.

    just my 2 cents from a 1500 trash. gonna watch some of your replays and hopefully learn from it

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    Mounds can be used to detect enemy wards. Just place mounds in common ward spots on highground and if enemy support starts destroying them, even tho he should not have vision there, there must be ward.

    Mounds can be used to kill enemy flying courier, if you spot enemy courier that passed through your mound and went to some hero on the lane, he will be sent back by the same way 95% times, so you can tp in that mound and wait till it comes back. Your dmg with phase boots + shudder dmg will be enough to onehit flying courier, so enemy can not react with invul.

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    NO, you had MAX 1700 MMR
    but i generally approve this guide. Except for hellflower, I find it situational. If you build tremble just like zephyr/ra, you did nothing wrong

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    even currently i got 1778, not 1700, what's your problem? I created guide with hellflower because shrunken/shielbreaker exists in every single guide already, and tremble is really starving on mana in early game, so it's the best mana/dps item that tremble can make, and when you got it you man not even need to build shrunken, because silence blocks magic etc.
    Guess i'll be blocked tommorow or on tuesday due to CIS ban, so i gonna play tremble for the last days to leave some replays with different builds for ya.
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    Silhouette mid. What do you do? You can't trade autoattacks, and she has higher burst.

    Also, bottle or no? I've seen many high level trembles not get one at all.

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