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    Tenacious D Announcer Pack

    I was browsing the forums when somebody requested this, and I really liked the idea. It's the first announcer pack I've made, and I think it turned out pretty well. All the sound clips are taken from one of the two Tenacious D albums.

    p.s. I've included 2 hero pick sound mods in here as well as easter eggs. I think you'll enjoy them.
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    can you upload a test link?

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    Oh my god testing this now
    Be you angels? Nay, we are but men. ROCK

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    Testing it!

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    Use it with the "DECAPITATIOOOOOOON!" mod for and you're all set to rock out.

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    EDIT: Fixed it thanks for this
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    Preview link plz

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    This announcer pack is awesome! The best one by far!
    But I think I have found a problem. Sometimes when you destroy a tower it uses the default announcer instead of the "And what if I win?".
    Also, this is pretty recent though, when you start a Mid Wars Blind Ban game you hear that boring "Mid Wars" instead of some Tenacious D rocking.
    Any chance you can fix that?

    By the way, very good job on this announcer pack! Keep it up!

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