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    This section, artworks and you!

    In this section either the art staff or me will post a few of their latest artworks.
    You can feel free to share your appreciation or comment and criticize.

    If we do not have a thread for your favorite hero and you miss its concept art you can post it here and I try to track them down whether there is one.
    This does not mean that they will be drawn for you, I can only provide artworks which have been made already.

    An overview about all threads in this section can be found here
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    I could post screenshots, but you could take them yourself?

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    Hello, I was wondering if any Lumberjack Legionnaire art aside from these two (1 2) exists? I recall seeing some art on the ingame message of the day when the avatar came out, but I can't seem to find it.

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    Would you be able to track down some Electrician art for me?

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    Added elec.
    I would also advise you to go to this thread.
    I've added some commmunity artworks as well.

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    Some Art about female Nymphora? :P
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    Sye, is it possible to find the Gypsy Fayde artwork that they used for the ingame portrait?

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    Hm, do you have a link? As far as I know potraits are created on their own and have nothing to do with any concept art, just as skill icons.

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    Sorry, I wasn't aware of that. I noticed that most of the portraits were taken from concept art (Mist Runner Scout, Legendary Valkyrie, Forsaken Strider), and thoght that Gypsy Fayde's portrait was also based on an unreleased concept art.

    If you say that it doesn't exist, I'll believe you.

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    Any chance for the Witchslayer/Pimpslayer art?

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    Could you get Jade Warrior for Monkey King, or White Lotus for Silhouette? Those two are by far my favorite!

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    Can you make a thread for Riftwalker?

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    hi, id like to see the default gladiator concept art

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    I spotted a previously unknown concept art for on her hero page:
    is it possible to see the full picture?

    I thought has a proper concept art as well, can you add it to his thread?

    Also, although it's probably out of your control, but is it possible for you to bug S2 to release some concept arts for the heroes that previously had none? e.g. "souls:, , "hell:,

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    If you extract it out of the site, its this

    Considering the art style its something old.

    There is one for SR, which is basically this:

    But this one is cropped and only has quite a low resolution

    There are also some heroes which do not have concept art. They are often merely sketches which were not published. I don't who would have saved them somewhere on their drive.

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    I saw the extremely cool artwork for Death Metal Rhapsody under the heroes section of the website and was wondering if you could find the image like you did for MQ and SR.
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    that would be this one?

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