Thread: Please S2, give some feedback on proposed heroes

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    Please S2, give some feedback on proposed heroes

    Until now hundreds of players have proposed their own heroes to be added to this awesome game. We have been assured that S2 guys have read all our proposals, but we have no idea what they think about them.

    It would be nice if S2 could from time to time compile lists on which those heroes could be ranked. There could be a group of heroes accepted for introduction to the game, group that might be introduced at the later date, group that needs some changes to be considered acceptable and group that is rejected straight away.
    The difference between playing HoN with default zoom and with zoom set to 2000 in terms on player's enjoyment is about the same as the difference between riding a unicycle and driving a Mercedes. Some think they are cool because they can ride a unicycle, but normal people prefer to drive Mercedes.

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    They don't have the time to look at all of them. They only look at the top heroes.

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