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    Crash everytime i try to mentor.

    CHost::Execute() - CHost::Frame() - bad packet from server

    everytime i try to mentor,it happens at the end of the loading.

    (yes,i know i've already posted,but feanux asked me to post the console.log and i didnt see it in time,if's not the correct place to post please move it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElementUser View Post
    Meh......I guess I could add this to the hotfix list.
    This is a work-around not an hotfix.

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    it just won't stop crashing

    It is like S2 wants to train our nerves to get stronger.
    Crash after crash,
    even installed the game anew.

    Obviously with the new trees and creeps and god knows what else the fixed there, it got just worse. Hope to have a new patch asap to fix this crash problems.

    Except that, gr8 game guys, keep it up alive.


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    Same problem

    Crashing all the time, totally unplayable

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    2.5 issues

    ok i have been patient, hoping u guys fix it. ok first of all i get game crashes before, during, and at the close of game. and during que up i crash as well as "server could not authorize your acct" and u cant join in the game, and get banned for it. im at a 10 min ban. for what? cause teh server can not authorize my acct? that is not my fault, but i get a ban for it. wow. im wondering if league has issues like this and ban u for something u have no control over

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    when is switch to OpenGL, i have no cursor. why??

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    Crashing ~6+ times a game. I crash so much to the point where I run out of reconnection time. Extremely irritating. Ive tried many solutions, such as using OpenGL (no cursor so I cant do that), reinstalling HoN, expanding the userspace, and turning off background applications. Nothing I do can prevent these crashes. Been happening for months now, but i've just restarted HoN after each game, but ever since patch 2.5 ive had numerous amounts of crashes per game. It is unplayable. Is there any solution? Howcome my cursor goes invisible after switching to OpenGL mode?

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    Same thing..

    Quote Originally Posted by Tumbler View Post
    I keep getting an error report in game, it boots me out, then when i try to reconnect an error message pops up xxxxx unread bits and the game crashes. I have a good 4-5 games that ended in this way. it doesn't happen all the time but has only started since the new patch has been released.

    I run a macbook pro with Snow leopard OS
    Same for me, running macbook pro, Lion.

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    Still getting an unread bits error. Over 24hrs post 2.5 update, how can you do an update and fail all mac users? You clearly don't have a mac to test on, just shocking. Going to move to dota2 once available for macs. Shocking to say the least

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    I tried guys!

    I install 4.0 .NET Framework, Installed SP1 Windows 7, Updated the driver still the games Crash. Since the release of 2.5 I played 2 games with out a crash.
    Its not helping MY MMR!

    Please Help asap!

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    Turning the graphics to Open GL causes the game to not open anymore. I do not suggest using this fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusadin View Post
    This is a work-around not an hotfix.
    Same thing

    Anyway I decided not to since it's not a very good workaround/user hotfix

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    hey, I'm Mac user, and the game crash me when Im in a match.. is something like xxxx (numbers) unread bytes... I don't know what do.. :c
    can someone help me please! I want to play.. :c

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    Switched to OpenGL, now I can't even open the game...

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    ^ Yeah same

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    In-game crashes k2 exception

    Hi, there is my console.log and my crashdump.

    Plz answer me asap to know what's going on... it's really annoying getting disconnected every 10 minutes of a game.




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    s2 im sorry to say but your the biggest failure in the past...
    mac sound is completly missing, every patch brings up new problems and bugs.
    what more can i say

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    OpenGL mode works fine for me. O.o

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    I don't want to sound like a dick or anything. . . But the patch was released on friday. These crashes have been ridiculous and mind numbing for the entire community, more so the mac users. I'm tired of the "cause macs suck" response. If you are going to sell a game, and distribute and advertise this game as compatible with mac users, please test your patches to ensure the entirety of the HoN community is happy. With Dota2 on the horizon, your goals shouldn't be to add unnecessary aspects to the game, but to make the game smooth for the fans who log on to run a smooth and face-palm/keyboard smash free game. Try and FIX the issues you already have before adding new ones!!! There's already enough trolls in this game, lets not add you as one of them.

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