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    I was in a very good match until i suddenly crashed, when i rejoined the game it happens at few minutes later so i kept rejoining the game,the crash keeps coming back until I can't rejoin anymore and I just made my leaver status up to 5.0 and was able to play match making again but this crash made my leave status go up again.
    Well done s2games

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    I keep crashing too. And when I try to reconnect it won't let me. I get a multitude of errors like unread bits, entity unknown, and unauthorized login information. And when I try to let someone spectate I get kicked from my game and can't rejoin. All this has resulted in my leaver percentage raising. This isn't fair to me especially since I bought the game for 30$ when it was not for free. I got my log but I don't know how to get the crash dumps. Please help me as soon as you can because soon enough I won't be able to do matchmaking due to high leaver percentage! D:
    Here's my console.log:

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    Ye , with opengl it is not ideal, but much better.
    Thank you.

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    Worked to me, no more crashs inside game and pick selection, but sometimes crash on second game.

    i play one game, leave hon and enter again. ))

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    I Also have problems with the Game crashed.. It crashed for me 10 times per game..... any idea how i can fix it ?

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    Crashes every single time after i pick hero and every single time i try to reconect, this game is many issues everytime.

    crash log when i try to recon :
    crash :
    console :

    Please help.

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    HAHA. Not even the HON tool for uploading crashdump is working now.

    More about the problem:
    - My map seems to blink Fog/visible all the places that is visible, really really annoying.
    - Tried to mentor AND spectate my body both times it crashed within minutes.

    No S2 staff is gonna write in the topic or ?????

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    Read this : The reason why people are crashing is bcus the mentoring is bugged ! Turn off that please !

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    Every time someone mentors someone in the game i dc.. !!! FIX IT PLEASE !

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    it's not the mentoring, its deeper in the code, you will be fine and dandy if you switch to open gl in the graphic options.

    The problem with the open gl option itself is that everything is quite dark and while that alone isn't something bad, after a while my eyes BUUUUURN

    Please add the "OpenGl fix" to the first post so people can see.
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    after the new patch i have been crashing consistently. reconnect only to crash again a few seconds after.

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    When i switch to OpenGL my cursor becomes a black square. Any tips?

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    Im so tired of all these faults that are released by S2. They are even worse than SOE, how is that possible? These guys thinks more buyable content is better than a running game engine. I'm so sick of these amateurs! Hire a god damned QA-Department!

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    Ok, here it goes, i am srsly rly pissed by now. I had crashes allways but they were every 2-3 games... but NOW... i get a crash before every hero picking stage, i get crash in game like 3-4 times per game i get basicly everywhere a crash. If there is nothing to fix this i am gona uninstall the game and move on to something else (even tho i love this game and have been playing since beta).



    forgot to mention i am a pc user, not mac.

    here is the crash dump:

    And the SWITCH TO OPENGL works for me BUT then i have small spikes all game long...even tho the game isnt crashing the spikes are then anoying, when i go back to directx no more lags but keeps on crashing again.
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    i switched to open GL but when i restart the game i can't see jack. Everything is fine until the game loads. Then i can see the heroes and the minimap, but everything else is dark

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    Well, obviously this solution doesnt work for everybody.
    Its better than nothing though.

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    this patch is a sh*t
    I'll stop that game if it's not fixed

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