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In complete honesty, I think you guys should review your GMs.
After RAP2.0, I don't think anyone sends out reports as a "joke".

My friends and I were in a Matchmaking game against another team of 5.
They have one AFK that they don't boot...whatever,right?

We're 1300-1500 trash. And these guys absolutely DEMOLISH us. 4v5, getting destroyed in all lanes, and these guys are GOOD.

We get tired of being steamrolled, and start a concede vote. Our votes start trickling in, and BOOM-
The other team starts a concede vote and it passes instantly.
They threw the game.


Because they're manipulating their MMR to stomp.

We investigated a little, it turns out they're on a MAJOR losing streak, with all 4-5 players constantly going 15/1/10.
We reported this, GLADLY paying the 15 silver, knowing that these guys are a scourge on the community.

Turns out they're "innocent"....I'm sorry...what? Any GM that would have spent the 20 seconds it takes to look at their past games would have noticed this wasn't the case.

And now, boosting the price up to 25...I honestly don't know if I'll ever report anything again.

I'd appreciate if a GM contacted me, we need to talk.
sorry im confused, you are angry because you got a free win?